10 Actors That Reddit Wants In ‘The White Lotus’ Season 3

white lotusSeason 2 has just wrapped up and fans are left shocked and wanting more from the award-winning and topical series. Season 1 of the series took place at the White Lotus Resort in Hawaii, and Season 2 saw a mostly new cast of characters at the White Lotus Resort in Sicily.

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white lotusScreenwriter/Director Mike White, which has already been renewed for a third season. Fans of the series are already trying to figure out who will be joining them for the next season, with their favorite actors and fans casting him. In particular, a Reddit thread is trying to carefully pick which actors it thinks would be best for Season 3.

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Laura Dern

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Among the many actors mentioned in the thread, Laura Dern is very popular. Apparently, the star is the ex-wife of second season character Dominic.Dern could be a great option for the character to join the cast white lotus season three.

Considering she was part of other HBO shows big little lies When enlightened (This was written by White, the creator of white lotus), she has a good grasp of the show’s tone and could be a perfect fit. It is high!

Toni Collette

Image via Bleecker Street

Toni Collette It was another popular option among many Redditers in the thread. Colette is a fairly well-known actor thanks to her phenomenal performances. Hereditary, stairsWhen sixth senseHorror and thriller tend to be her genres, white lotus No thank you.

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And since every season white lotus Colette’s critically acclaimed experience over a resort murder knife out The movie presents her as a strong contender for Season 3.

Lisa Kudrow

Comeback Lisa Kudrow
Image via HBO

friend comedy icon Lisa Kudrow would be a great addition to the cast of white lotus For Season 3, many Redditers agree. Kudrow is best known for her role as Phoebe on the hit sitcom. friend, but she has had a big career since then.she was seen at death by 2020, neighborWhen Come back.

Kudrow has the comedic chops to play White’s subtle satire well. She is a highly intelligent actor, with many of her Reddit users speculating that she plays a rich mother who “insults her husband and children.” Quite humorous, indeed.

Will Poulter

Actor Will Poulter at the premiere of

Will Poulter Actors mentioned in the Reddit list, white lotusPoulter has gained popularity over the last decade as a cinematic film. maze runner, MidsummerWhen we are mirrorsThe actor is very versatile and works in all genres.

he will also be new guardian of the galaxy movie!in terms of white lotus, Poulter could easily fit into the cast for Season 3. Whether he’s a young traveler, a honeymooner, or part of a resort’s staff, Poulter’s skills can definitely be put to good use.

Lee Pace

Image via A24

Lee Pace It was another actor mentioned in a Reddit thread.For Pace’s role in the new world body body bodyfans began to agree that he could be a great addition white lotus franchise.

Additionally, since his new photoshoot, the public seems to be enjoying the aesthetic and new look he’s aiming for as an actor. I said there is a possibility.

Hugh Laurie

Hugh Laurie of House MD

Another actor who is completely new to HBO styling shows that many fans on the Reddit thread voted for him. Hugh LaurieLaurie has been seen in both Avenue 5 When beep As a comical and straight character. As an actor, he is good at understanding the subtleties of a script.

of white lotushe could easily be a candidate for crumbling hotel manager or confused father.

Jon Hamm

Image via Miramax

The actor that many fans are very excited about when discussing possible cast members is Jon HammHamm is best known for his role in the hit series mad menhe was also seen confession, fletch, baby driverWhen morning show.

A Reddit user said Hamm could be a good hotel manager for the series and would probably be “so hated”.

Adam Scott

The first episode of Ben Wyatt's Parks and Recreation

Adam Scott, retirement When parks and recreation The actor was another candidate many Reddit users really wanted in the cast. white lotus Season 3. Scott also has enormous range as an actor, playing comedies, emotional dramas, and psychological thrillers with such intensity.

Some fans think he could be a great guest. Businessmen on business trips and pretty badass husbands were a few options thrown out among users.

Maya Rudolph

Image via Apple TV+

Maya Rudolphprevious saturday night live with the actor big mouth star was yet another name thrown into the mix among Reddit users for actors who should be on board for season 3 white lotus.

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Rudolph is primarily a comedic actor, appearing in iconic movies and TV shows. bridesmaid, grown upsWhen good placeBut she won’t be the first SNL alum to join the cast of white lotusIn Season 1, Molly Shannon She played Shane’s intrusive mother.

Jane Lynch

jane lynch funny girl
Image by Matthew Murphy

symbolic Jane Lynch is a phenomenal candidate for Season 3 of white lotus, and Reddit users agree.Lynch is best known for her performance Gree As the cocky, calculating, and sarcastic Sue Sylvester, but she has also been seen in 40 year old virgin, The Marvelous Mrs. Maiseland as a host for weakest link.

Fans speculated that she could be a tough resort manager, or even a travel agent.

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