10 Adorable Valentine’s Day Baby Photoshoot Ideas

There are many ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but there is something special about celebrating with a baby. After all, this holiday isn’t just there for romantic couples to remind themselves of their feelings for each other…it’s the perfect time for everyone to spread love!

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For parents, a great idea is to have a Valentine’s Day themed photo shoot. This can be done at home using some DIY tricks. Or a trip to a professional can also occur. Either way, the result will be some adorable photos that can be given as gifts and cherished for a lifetime!

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10/10 spell it

A wise way to send a love message this time of year is to spell it out. There are some creative ways to do that. Handwritten notes, letterboards, balloons, and neon signs can all represent ‘Valentine’s Day’ or ‘Love’ as well as blocks.

These have been a popular toy for years and are easy to place around and next to your child… even someone napping! Don’t forget to wear cute themed outfits.

9/10 have a conversation

Valentine's Day Baby Photo Shoot with Conversation Hearts

Similarly, you can use conversational hearts during photo shoots. These are usually in the form of candies that can be given, received and enjoyed on Valentine’s Day.

These heart colors and sweet messages are a fun and festive way to let your loved ones know what you are thinking about on February 14th and beyond.

8/10 kiss booth

Valentine's Day Baby Photo Shoot at Kiss Booth

This photo has a nice banner full of colors (red and pink) associated with this holiday. There is a sign wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day. And there’s a baby in the kiss booth! Nothing beats a baby kiss, so this is a unique concept that works well.

Plus, kids of all ages are welcome to participate, whether you’re filming one at a time in a booth or a group shoot. And friends can get in on the action, too…especially if there are parents who want the baby to be together in the future.

7/10 hearty background

Valentine's day background for baby

Of course, any heart can be incorporated into the shoot at this time of year. Some people may have some things lying around, such as wall art, pillows, decorative figurines, or you can DIY the background. Attaching several balloons together to create a wall of inflatable hearts, and/or cutting out several paper hearts and tying them with string.

There are no rules, so feel free to use whatever materials are available to you to paint a heart on the wall behind your baby. Then snap and give them away. The result will be so adorable!

6/10 balloons and other balloons

Valentine's Day Balloons Baby Photo Shoot

Balloons are an essential item for baby photography. It gives a pop impression and distracts children. On February 14th, choose heart-shaped ones, ones with appropriate messages, or generally red ones.

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In this example, several are arranged around a child…a child wearing a wonderful tulle-filled ensemble that is perfect for this holiday. can be made.

5/10 eat cake too

valentines day cake baby photo shoot

Another good idea for babies is to let them play and eat the cake during the photo shoot. is a normal part of

For a Valentine’s Day shoot, buy or make a red cake or a heart-shaped cake and see what happens. No matter how your child behaves (breaking it, licking it, ignoring it), it makes for a funny and fun memory/gift.

Valentine's Day Cookies Baby Photo Shoot

Likewise, families can go with Cookie. Cookie can be used alone or be his one element of the whole shoot. For example, in this photo there is a heart-shaped shaggy rug, a banner that says “love”, and cookies (on a baking sheet and in this baby’s hand). It all comes together for a very festive image.

An added bonus that comes with this idea is that anyone can eat the cookie…so why isn’t this option selected?!

3/10 baby cupid

Valentine's Day Cupid Baby Photo Shoot

For those feeling a little extra, you can turn your bundle of joy into a cupid! There are costumes for sale that come with all the appropriate parts and accessories, or there are various pieces you can create and find to complete the look.

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The corolla and some red balloons are like cherries on top of this one-of-a-kind photo shoot, and are sure to spread love at this point and beyond.

2/10 scattered rose petals

valentines day rose petals baby photo shoot

Roses are very popular this time of year and add a splash of color to your baby photos. She can sprinkle in random patterns. She can spell words such as “love”. Or you can place them in the shape of a heart around your sleeping baby, as done here.

Again, there’s no wrong way to photograph your baby for Valentine’s Day. Because every result will be a true treasure.

1/10 lip print

Baby Valentine's Day Photo Shoot with Kiss Prints

Last but not least, show the world how much you love your child by covering them with kisses. This baby is also dressed in red and the ground is strewn with rose petals. But the main attraction would be the lip print that covers his face.

He doesn’t seem 100% happy about this, but a photo like the one shown here would make a great present for friends and family on February 14th…and Great photos to include in seniors’ slideshows someday!

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