10+ Easy Large Family Photo Ideas For The Holiday Season & Beyond

Planning a big family photo shoot? Or are you already dreading trying to figure out how to frame the whole extended family on vacation? Not sure where to start the planning process? there is. That thought can scare you and put you off even taking the first step. ?) — large family photo ideas shouldn’t be one of them.

No matter the size of your brood, you’ll find all the tips and advice you need with the following large family photo ideas. and want to commemorate the occasion with a photo session, you’re covered. is included.

So bookmark this page and refer back to it the next time you’re planning a photoshoot with that wild and crazy group of people you call kin.

Large family photo ideas: Wardrobe

Need outfit ideas for a big family photo? Clothes need to coordinate, but don’t necessarily have to match. In fact, it’s usually best if they don’t match (with one exception, read on). If you’re not sure what it actually looks like, here are some ideas.

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Oliver Rossi

  • dress yourself firstNow you know what you want to wear. The rest of the family may not care so much. Plus, if you’re coordinating, you can call a shot!So he chooses one ‘main’ color and everyone wears a variety of complementary colors for a cohesive look. I’ll have you Don’t shy away from patterns, either, but keep it simple. Rule of thumb: The pattern is fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with your happy smile.
  • consider the backgroundDo you live near a beach? There is no better backdrop for family photo shoots. If you choose a waterfront setting for your photo session, bright and airy colors may look good. Or, for example, wearing a white shirt on the beach and light can bounce off and hit your subject’s face. Or, if you’re standing against a black wall, wearing black clothes can make you look like your head is floating.
  • think home decorThere are so many possible color schemes that it can be paralyzing to make a decision. If you get stuck, look at the color of your house. If all goes well, you’ll be decorating these pictures, so get some inspiration from your interior design.
  • Consider comfort and practicalityIf people are uncomfortable, it shows up all over their face.Especially where children are worried.It can also be seen on people walking in the sand (such as the beach) in a photo shoot or hiking in the woods. If there are people, you should also make sure they are wearing appropriate shoes for the occasion. But when it comes to shoes, or really all athleisure wear, avoid neon hues. The words, logos, and characters on clothes are the same.
  • I have matching shirts made for everyone. Describes exceptions to matching rules. Is this a little campy? of course. But what is family photography without a little camping? Plus, if your extended family gets together for a reunion or special event, it makes sense to have a t-shirt designed to commemorate the occasion. I’m here. It actually saves you the hassle of putting everyone on the same page with regards to the ensemble. If you go this route, keep the shirt design simple and the rest of your outfit casual.

Extended Family Photo Ideas: Venues

Along with what to wear, you may also be wondering the best place to take a family photo. that’s a valid question. First, let’s cover some basics. Good lighting is important. Natural light—outside or near a sunny window—is best. However, if you choose to take your photos outdoors, choose a shady spot or take them during the “golden hour” just before sunset to avoid the strong glare of the sun. Now let’s talk about the best location options for a large family photo shoot.

Gunnar Svanberg Sklarson
  • An outdoor location is a natural choiceThink: fields, woods, or other scenic areas. Outdoor family photos surrounded by trees and blue skies are perfect for large groups.
  • spend the day at the beachIf you’re lucky enough to live near a lake, ocean, or other beach within easy driving distance, this is a great place for family photos at any time of the year. Please dress appropriately for the weather so that everyone feels comfortable during the photo shoot.
  • try size stairsStairs work well because families can line up and everyone can see. No one hides behind another. Try the beloved staircase in your family home, or the staircase in an outdoor public space.
  • Installed in front of the hearth of my parents’ houseMakes for an elegant winter background. If you’re decorating your hearth for the holidays, get everyone together for a classic photo.
  • Please sit downAnother easy and aesthetically appealing option is to have the family sit side by side (side by side) on a jogging board, dock, or separate seating area.

Large Family Photo Ideas: Poses

As important as what you wear or where you take your family photo is how you position everyone. Trying to take a photo of a large group with everyone in the frame is no easy task. Logistics are important, and it’s important to plan ahead where everyone will stand (or sit) to avoid confusion on the big day. Below are some posing and grouping ideas to help you plan your next family photo session.

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  • Group individual family unitsIf you’re taking a photo with a large family, group each family unit together, grouping parents and children, paired couples, and so on. This makes it easy to tell your family tree story when sharing photos with friends.
  • put side by sideIt’s an easy pose if you want to see everyone’s smiles firmly, such as lining up adults in the back and children in front of their parents, or standing side by side with everyone.
  • everyone has to bend somethingThis may seem like strange advice, but hear me out. Standing the stick upright makes it look stiff. Have everyone in your party bend a part of their body. For example, cross your arms and ankles or put your hands on your hips. This will give you a more relaxed and natural look, resulting in better photos.

Tips for photographing large families

  • Don’t take too long to get everyone to pose. For group photos, subjects, especially children and the elderly, can quickly become restless. So keep the poses in mind before you start shooting, and don’t be afraid to place people exactly where you need them.
  • Please pay attention to the details. Watch out for smudged lipstick and awkward hands. Annoyingly, even if everyone else is perfect, having a kid with a noticeable boogie on their face can ruin the whole picture.

Bonus tip: keep kids happy (and adults too!)

Taking a good group photo can be a time-consuming and sometimes tricky process. If you have young children, things can go south in a hurry if they get hungry or tired.

  • schedule wiselyPick a time when your kids have the energy and don’t plan to take pictures during meals. Mornings and after breakfast tend to work best.
  • Snacks, pack a lot of snacksDon’t pack clutter so your clothes don’t get dirty in the middle of the photo shoot.
  • take breaks when neededChildren have short attention spans, so it’s helpful to take occasional breaks to feed them snacks, stretch their legs, and move their bodies. A little rest at the end will make everyone happy.
  • do a final checkEveryone should remove the scrunchies from their wrists and take the keys out of their pockets. Do you have children chewing gum? Tell them that they need to keep it in their mouth all the time or spit it out before the photo starts. Check out flyaways, tooth lipsticks, and whole shebangs!
  • Please prepare items that children can be absorbed in. If your child can’t sit still while taking pictures, there are several ways to keep him engaged. Have him sit in a chair so he doesn’t run around or run away. Bringing your favorite stuffed animal to the set is a great way to keep yourself distracted. If the toy is small, you won’t even notice it in the photo!
  • Do an active photo shoot and play some games with the kids. Not only will it take great pictures, but it will also help your child release excess energy. And when it’s time to go out, they either fall asleep in the car or go home and take a nap. Kill two birds with one stone.

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