10 New Year`s Eve Party or Celebration Ideas to Welcome 2023

Five. Spend the night cooking: What better way to spend quality time with your partner or girl gang than cooking? You can bake and prepare your favorite dishes together, including pizza and various pastas. You can enjoy your meal until late at night with a few drinks, a movie and lots of gossip.

6. BBQ setting: What better way to enjoy your favorite grills and platters than by lighting a barbecue? There are many types of barbecue equipment available online within your budget. To start a party, you need equipment and quality coal. Non-vegetarians can eat pork, chicken legs, or chicken breast, and vegetarians can eat onions, paneer, tofu, hot peppers, and more.

7. karaoke: Karaoke with close friends is another great idea for a low-key New Year’s party at home. You don’t need anything for this party, but a good record player is all you need. It’s pretty fun to sing your favorite songs out loud or sing in a strange voice. You can also host games such as fun and playful Indian Idol auditions and shows, and keep passing comic comments about each other’s performances.

8. Photo shoot with quirky props: In this social media age, we all love to click photos and post them to our accounts. So why not take an aesthetic or fun photo shoot at home this New Year’s Eve with all the setup and quirky props? New Year’s goodies are readily available in stores and online. .

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