10 Shocking Revelations from Pamela Anderson’s New Tell-All Netflix Documentary

*Trigger Warning: The documentaries and revelations described in this article deal with extremely harrowing subjects*

For many, Pamela Anderson is a ’90s sex symbol to count playboy Cover her name. For others, she’s her CJ Parker. She’s an iconic, hilarious lifeguard that millions of fans have come to love. baywatchBut according to a new documentary on Netflix, Pamela, love story, there’s more to Anderson’s story than meets the eye. And now she’s taking back control of her story by sharing her full truth on her own terms.

Exactly one year after Hulu ended its service, a document was released that explains it all. Pam & Tommy, a biographical drama depicting Anderson’s rocky marriage to Tommy Lee and the turmoil after the sex tape was released.Unsurprisingly, Anderson has been very vocal about her thoughts on the miniseries, even going into detail about what really happened. We’ve only scratched the surface when it comes to shocking revelations. Keep reading for the most surprising reveals from Pamela, love story.


1. Anderson was dating Kelly Slater when he married Tommy Lee

We all know about the whirlwind romance that led to Anderson and Lee’s beach wedding, but who knows the model was technically in a relationship with Kelly Slater when it all went down there are few.

“At the time, I was dating Kelly Slater,” she said. “And I was supposed to go see him in Florida and meet his family, and my first call was to tell him I was married. It was like, what?!” (We could imagine.)


2. One of her ex-boyfriends tried to run her over

A mother of two, she remembered that one of her rebellious ex-boyfriends, for some strange reason, ran her off the road and tried to run her over her.

She explains: He kicked me out of the moving car and I gymnasted down into the ditch. ”


3. Pamela tried to kill the babysitter

The 55-year-old actress has revealed she was sexually abused by a babysitter for years when she was younger.

She said, “My parents thought she was a great babysitter because she always brought presents, but she was abusive to me. Like three or four years of abuse.” It was something

“I tried to protect my brother from her. I tried to kill him. I tried to stab her in the heart with a candy cane pen. …So I thought I killed her with my heart, so I couldn’t tell anyone.”

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4. His dad didn’t like her when she dated Scott Baio

Anderson may have been one of Hollywood’s most famous figures, but this wasn’t a problem for Baio’s father.

She said, “He was really mad because I drive Scott’s Mercedes. No. He wasn’t very kind to me.”

The star also joked, “I might buy a Hyundai from Scott’s dad for $5,000.”

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5. Anderson and Tommy Lee turned down $5 million for sex tape rights

Shortly after realizing that a huge safe had been stolen from their home, the couple received a call from Penthouse founder Bob Guccione. He offered to buy a sex tape from them, but they refused to sell it.

Anderson recalled Guccione saying, “I’ll give you $5 million in cash for the rights to this tape.” However, the couple said no and insisted on returning the property. She said, “This wasn’t meant for anyone else. so there was no way to navigate it… like this.”


6. Anderson was sexually assaulted at age 12

of Chicago The star opened up about one of the most traumatic experiences she had as a child.

While hanging out with her friend, she was left alone with an older man, who went out with an older man she liked. Anderson says: I needed a massage. He was 25 and I was 12. He raped me.

“I felt it was my fault,” she continued. “Her mother always cried about her father. She couldn’t bear to hurt her father any more. She didn’t tell her mother or anyone else.”


7. her first playboy The shoot helped her break out of her shell

Due to childhood trauma, Anderson was very shy and struggled with self-esteem when it came to her body.

Referring to the sexual assault, she said, “Are you shy? I’m sick of all this past that created this anxiety in me. It’s like prison. I have to.

She continued, “From the very first snap of the photo, I felt like I was throwing myself off a bridge. It was the first time I felt free from something.”

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8. Anderson didn’t want to participate at first baywatch

The documentary featured clips of interviews with the show’s casting directors Susan Glixman and Fern Orenstein. yes! Canceled by Anderson in 2001 11 times when they tried to cast her. As for her reasons, she thought the actress was too far from her home.

She said, “They always tried to get me to come to Marina Del Rey and audition, but it sounded very exotic and distant.

Luckily, the team kept in touch until they convinced her.

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9. Lee showed up on the set as usual baywatch watch anderson

After all, Lee had access to Anderson’s script, so he decided to visit her in a romantic scene. Due to his outbursts of jealousy and anger, the team had to adopt a new plan to calm him down.

Anderson said, “Overall baywatch The crew would change lines or change scenes if they saw him coming. He was always in front of me and always behind the camera. Tommy was always there. It was too much. ”

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10. She definitely doesn’t approve of Hulu Pam & Tommy

The series may have garnered some positive reviews and ten Emmy nominations. But Anderson wants nothing to do with it. She has many painful memories of her devastating legal battles and facing blatant disrespect from the media.

In the documentary, she said, “I really have nightmares. I didn’t sleep at all last night. I don’t want to watch it, I don’t want to. I’ve never seen the tape, so I’m not going to watch it.”

She continued, “Nobody knows how they’re going to portray it. No one really knows what we were going through then. I should have gotten permission from

Luckily, Anderson was able to tell the true story in his own words.

Pamela, love story Now available for streaming on Netflix.

Pamela Anderson looks absolutely stunning on the cover of her new memoir, which she calls a ‘celebration of imperfections’

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