14 Fall Photoshoot Ideas 2022

Autumn and photography go together like pumpkins and pies. With its nice weather and changing leaves, you will definitely want to take lots of pictures this autumn. If you’re looking for inspiration for your next fall photo shoot, look no further. We’ve rounded up the cutest photoshoot ideas to keep your Instagram feed festive and fun all season long.

Whether you’re heading to the pumpkin patch or hiking, here are some ideas to make your iPhone photos look professional. Fall doesn’t last forever, so put on your most comfortable sweater, gather your friends and family and hop in. Also, check out these fall Instagram captions to pair with your photos!

1. Take a hike

      Autumn weather is perfect for hiking and the changing foliage is spectacular. Whether you’re on the East Coast, West Coast, or anywhere in between, you’ll find picturesque woodlands and vistas for the perfect photo!

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      Bonus points if your outfit matches the fall foliage. 🍂

      Harmony with autumn nature with young happy woman enjoying together child sitting on neck with toddler baby daughter

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      2. To the pumpkin field

      It’s easy to snap a photo at the local pumpkin patch. The perfect fall photo prop literally grows out of the ground. Additionally, pumpkin patches usually have fun attractions such as hay rides and corn mazes that make for great photo ops.

      White pumpkin

      Natalia Ganelin///Getty Images

      Ideas for posing with pumpkins:

      • throw pumpkins in the air
      • Pose with a pumpkin in front of your face
      • kiss the pumpkin
      • sit on a pumpkin
      • Take two pumpkins and have your followers vote on which one is better
      • Candid shot of you picking pumpkins
      Pumpkin farm harvest festival woman

      Anastasia Krivenok///Getty Images

      3. Pick an apple

      Like the pumpkin patch, the apple orchards are great photo destinations. Snap candid photos of you and your friends picking apples, walking through the orchard or sipping apple cider.

      Young woman eating an apple from a tree in an orchard

      west end 61///Getty Images

      It's apple picking season

      Jeff Bergen///Getty Images

      4. Throw leaves

      This classic fall photo idea never gets old (and you’re never too old to participate). Have a photographer or self-timer take a bunch of pictures in rapid succession as you toss the leaves in the air. Don’t forget to smile!

      Happy family playing with autumn leaves on the meadow

      west end 61///Getty Images

      Mother Nature provides the best photo props!

      Young woman is experiencing autumn and enjoying her free time

      Primorak 91///Getty Images

      5. Make the crown

      We love good DIY projects, and this leaf crown idea is irresistible. Roll up the most beautiful bright leaves and tie them with glue or a headband.

      girl wearing a crown of autumn leaves

      Susanna Blavaag///Getty Images

      6. Become a ghost

      Autumn and Halloween are almost interchangeable, aren’t they? Of course, you’ll be photographed in Halloween costumes, but you can also incorporate Halloween props into your fall photo shoot. Make yourself look like a ghost by putting a sheet over your head. You can even do a photo shoot at a cemetery to add a subtle eerie feel without using props.

      A trendy entertainment is to wear white bedspreads or sheets that symbolically depict ghosts.

      Iuri Gagarin///Getty Images

      We are obsessed with this ghost photography trend!

      Full length of young woman standing in forest

      Maria Arguchinskaya / EyeEm///Getty Images

      Young woman with skeleton makeup holding skull at halloween party

      amazing visuals///Getty Images

      7. Warming Up By The Fire

      Autumn is the perfect time to lounge next to a campfire, and it makes for great photo ops as well. You can play with fire light and smoke to create really cool and unique photos. Pair with flannel, hot chocolate, s’mores, or a fluffy blanket to make your photos even more beautiful. You can even take a candid photo of yourself making (or pretending to make) a fire so your friends can light it for your outdoorsman prowess.

      Two women and a girl sitting and relaxing by a fire pit

      Emily///Getty Images

      8. Take a wheelbarrow and spin

      Next time you’re raking leaves, hop in the wheelbarrow for a fun photo shoot. There are so many great and easy options for this idea. You can pose with an empty wheelbarrow, have a loved one push, pose with a wheelbarrow full of leaves, or push a wheelbarrow full of pumpkins.

      african american man pushing wife with wheelbarrow

      LWA/Dan Tardiff///Getty Images

      9. Posing with a hay bale

      Something in the hay bale just screams and falls. A great way to spice up your photo shoot if you have access to a few. You can sit on one, lean against it, or use it to frame the background.

      girl in the field

      Photo of Stepan Obruchkov///Getty Images

      10. Get lost in the corn maze

      Who doesn’t like a good corn maze? Maximize the time you spend searching for the exit by taking an impromptu photo shoot in the maze. Have a friend take a picture of you walking towards the camera through the maze. The maze provides the perfect backdrop and naturally composes your photo.let me corn children Inspire you or ask for some more PG. Either way, these photos are sure to be a hit.

      A stylish woman wearing a red coat and hat is standing in a cornfield.

      Zwinek Pospisil///Getty Images

      11. Incorporate a smoke bomb

      Incorporating smoke bombs into your fall photography takes your photography to the next level, but with caution. Throw a smoke grenade inside the jack o’lantern to make smoke come out of the hole, or hold it in your hand to add a pop of color to your photos. Of course, choose autumn colors like orange, yellow, red, and purple.

      jack o lantern smoke bomb

      Kaitlyn Elizabeth///Getty Images

      12. Show off your shoes

      If you have a bad hair day or just want to show off your cute new boots, this is the idea for you. . Simply take a picture of your feet standing next to the item you want in the picture. Instead of using leaves, you can also strategically place pumpkins or some mummies on the ground.

      Reflection of a woman in a puddle holding an autumn leaf

      alyfromuk2us///Getty Images

      13. Posing with celebratory food

      Food is another great prop for your fall photo shoot. Some of the most photogenic fall foods include caramel and candy apples, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and hot him drinks like apple cider and pumpkin spice lattes. Not only will you get great Instagram content, but you’ll also enjoy a delicious fall treat.

      Woman holding a caramel apple at an amusement park, Rockland, Maine, USA

      Daniel Grill/Tetra Images///Getty Images

      14. Cover your face with leaves

      If you’re lucky enough to find the perfect autumn foliage, you’ll have to show it off to all your followers. Once you find a leaf, just stretch your arms out for the leaf and you’ll be ready to take some great pictures. The leash covers your face, but everyone can see your cute costume.

      woman holding autumn leaves

      Veronika Craeva / EyeEm///Getty Images

      15. Hit the Beach

      That is correct! You might not think of spending time at the beach when the weather gets cooler, but it’s a beautiful backdrop for family photos all year round. In addition, the light is beautiful in autumn.

      Close-up of a happy family enjoying time at the beach


      16. Involve grandparents

      Of course, grandpa and grandma love to take pictures of their loved ones. But this year, join us for a photo shoot. Everyone cherishes their memories.

      Large family running in the park in autumn

      Sam Edwards

      17. Ride a bike

      This idea is perfect for active families and couples. Find a road with beautiful autumn leaves and go for a ride. Have a friend or photographer take action shots along the way. Bonus: I’ve never heard a “boredom” complaint from my kids.

      family riding bicycles in the park

      Ariel Skerry

      18. Support your feet by the fire

      This is a really simple idea. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect outfit or getting your hair done. Have everyone in your family wear festive stockings and support their feet by the fire.

      View of legs of happy family in warm socks in front of fireplace in winter, love and cozy concept, focus on gray woolen socks in center

      rebellious art

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