15 Creative Halloween Photo Shoot Ideas For Families

Halloween is a time when it is acceptable to dress up children as little devil children, place fake tombstones in the front yard, and use blood as a legitimate decorative accent. , likes coming up with fun and spooky Halloween photo shoot ideas for my daughters. what can I say? I always take pictures of kids dressed as zombies in Christmas dresses.

For most of the year, my love of all things creepy, dark, and border-busting has been viewed as an “anxiety habit,” as my husband puts it. However, every fall, just a little over a month later, it suddenly changes to a “Halloween mood”, so if I have the chance, I have to absorb everything. I love brainstorming new Halloween photo shoot ideas every year. Because not only do you get great pictures of your kids from these little photo sessions, but you also get the chance to get creative and use seasonal decorations in new and different ways.

As things stand, both of my daughters are too young to get that too It’s scary in my photoshoot, but it has a lot of great kid-friendly scenes and just the right amount of spooky. If so, here are some things to consider this year.


witch in the forest

susan.k., Getty Images

Nothing represents autumn and Halloween more than fallen leaves and bare trees. Dress your child in a witch costume and transform nearby trees into a spooky forest with the magic of sunlight and photography, or fake fog.


zombie kids

Loop Image RF, Getty Images

This requires more makeup skills than photography.In addition to makeup, wear ragged clothes and rub dirt to make your look come alive (or dead).


jack o lantern face

susan.k., Getty Images

This Halloween photoshoot is less about preserving images of costumed children and more about remembering the handiwork of adorable jack-o’-lanterns for years to come. You can also use a variety of background options, such as patches, wooded areas like this one, and worn wooden fences.


secret laboratory background

Photo by Dina Belenko, Getty Images

Set up a spooky laboratory or lair where your kids can concoct witch brews and make Frankenstein friends. Keep the space dark and fill a clear bottle with water with food coloring. Don’t forget to add some spooky elements too, like the eyeball in the jar in this photo.


dressed up feet and legs

Victoria Cavahill/Adore Photography, Getty Images

You don’t need to wear fancy makeup for this type of Halloween photoshoot. You can create fun pictures like this by simply dressing your kids from the waist down. Costume ideas include clowns, superheroes, witches, princesses, or classic sheet ghosts.


Trick or Treat Parade

Kokou, Getty Images

Find the best decorated house in your neighborhood (or dress yourself up) and have the kids pose in line in their Halloween costumes, like in this photo. Make sure you have pumpkins, pretend tombstones, ghosts, or other themed props to imbue.


corn field background

Elizabeth Sally Bauer, Getty Images

If you were to reproduce this photo as is, you would have one very cute photo of the children, but it would have more of an autumnal feel to it than Halloween. To add some Halloween flair to it, have the kids dress up in costumes, hang bats and ghosts from corn stalks in the back, and add a few jack-o’-lanterns to the pumpkin mix.


unforgettable dinner

Elizabeth Sally Bauer, Getty Images

How fun is this painting? It’s also easy to reproduce. Place a table in front of a window, add a spooky candlestick, cut a bat shape out of black construction paper, hang it in the window, turn off the lights, and wait for a cloudy day. do the work for you Your child doesn’t have to dress up if they don’t want a mask.A dark, gothic outfit works just as well.


banner & balloon

Eva Blanco/EyeEm, Getty Images

Get a cute Halloween banner or garland, orange and black balloons, a witch hat, and a baby, and you’ve got everything you need to create a super cute photo shoot. However, you can put your baby on the floor instead with a white sheet. If you want to add a little more flair to your photo, mix in some purple and green balloons and add a few spiders on the floor or a bat hanging overhead.


TP Prank

Darrin Klimek, Getty Images

For this photoshoot to work, you’ll have to let go and let the kids go crazy on toilet paper (but they’ll think you’re the coolest adult ever). There is no child who doesn’t laugh and laugh while splattering toilet paper on the floor, and you’re sure to get a good photo.


haunted house scene

Marie Vanderweide-Murray, Getty Images

Set up a space in your home that looks like a haunted house room. Get your favorite spooky decorations to use as props and have the kids dress up. As you can see in this photo, have your pet join in and have fun.


spooky fireplace

Angelika Gretzskaya, Gett Images

If you have a fireplace in your home, decorate it with all the spooky stuff like this one, and have the kids sit in front of the fireplace (burning flames are optional) and read some old, worn-out book or witch’s brew. I mix things and cauldrons. Practice spells between them or with a magic wand. If you also have a rocking chair and skeleton handy, be sure to add them as props.


balloons with black background

M_a_y_a, Getty Images

Peep around town to see if there’s a black garage door around to help recreate this photo (if not, black sheets are fine). Dress your child in a black dress or costume and have them hold a stack of orange, white, and black balloons. Or, use this photo as inspiration and do something a little different with purple and green balloons or some sort of white outfit.


Trick or Treat Candy Extravaganza

Kokou, Getty Images

Set up a scene like this with a “Happy Halloween” banner, balloons, pumpkins, props, or anything else you can think of to make the space look like party decorations. Then, sprinkle candies and candy wrappers all over the table and floor, and have the kids sit on costumed couches to make it look like they’ve eaten too much candy. Encourage them to eat candy and enjoy every bite.


creepy clown

Joner Images, Getty Images

Scary or not, I would argue there is nothing more terrifying than a clown. It’s also a very easy scene to recreate (as long as you have kids who don’t paint everywhere). All you need is a white background, a white tablecloth, some candles, a pumpkin, and kids willing to dress up as little black, white, and red killers.

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