20 Long-Distance Date Ideas to Feel Closer to Your SO

5. Cheeky FaceTime with sex toys

Don’t be fooled. As mentioned, this is not your average FaceTime call. In fact, adding a “friend” to help you when physical intimacy is lost can be refreshing. Studies show that masturbation can relieve stress and boost self-confidence, among other health benefits. , put on your favorite lingerie and enjoy a risqué surprise. Whether you’re already ranking in the top 10 vibrators or just don’t know where to buy sex toys in the first place, using toys for a spicy night out like in a video can help keep that spark going. Yes, please!

6. Create a bucket list

listen! You don’t have to live together to plan your future. Take time together to intentionally dream of wild adventures, must-see sights, and crazy shopping. What do you want your future home to look like? Which country would you like to visit at least once before you die? Fancy creating a vintage-inspired couple photo shoot that you saw on Pinterest? It can be a catalyst to watch.

7. Send a care package

In LDR, the phrase “I brought you flowers!” is gone. Or so I thought. Sending your partner a care her package is a sweet way to say “I miss you” and “I’m thinking of you.” Not to mention, it’s pretty easy thanks to delivery services that make it easy to ship sweet-smelling flowers or rich chocolates to your sweetheart’s doorstep.

If you’re looking for unique gifts to match your love story, visit websites like Uncommon Goods and Knack for a sleek record player for your guitar-playing boyfriend, or a sleek record player for your guitar-playing boyfriend after a hard week at work. , a spa gift box to pamper your girlfriend. Nothing says “I can’t stop thinking about you” like a handpicked care package.

8. Snuggle up for screen sharing movie nights

Crack some popcorn, grab a box of cookie dough bites, and spend your (movie) night. Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+ and many other streaming services make it easy to sync and live stream your favorite movies across multiple computer screens. Discussions using the Watch Parties feature. After all, science suggests that watching movies with your partner improves your relationship. Press that “play” button.

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