2022 Year in Review: Taste

Chefs Bob and TJ are quite different, but one of their most striking similarities is the joy they derive from improvising and solving problems on the fly in the kitchen. Whether you have all the ingredients on hand or you’re flinging with what’s around you, having a well-stocked set of tools can make all the difference in making something or a dish. To kick off 2022 on the right foot, the duo shared 10 of their favorite kitchen gadgets to spark kitchen creativity and inventive home-cooking inspiration.

Curious about how salt is made? Pinch shared how Studio BOIR brings an interactive experience to table salt. Their SALT project challenges everything we know about salt, letting users experience the thrill of witnessing its white crystal creation and the satisfaction of harvesting it yourself. increase.

La Croix and cola flat cans decorated with crystals

Pinch dives into the world of humor-strewn artist Sam Keller. From sculptures made out of Cheetos to crushed soda cans adorned with Swarovski crystals, his creations are sure to make you laugh or smile. Incorporating a certain amount of humor allows Keller to shed light on heavier themes such as the consumption of junk food and the influence of capitalism on society.

Carolina Hadahashioki Chopstick Rest

Carolina Haldo chopstick rest \ Oyster shell, fish paste, kelp, rice flour

In April, Pinch always begins to think about his relationship with the earth and how it affects the climate. Like many companies, they have committed to bringing sustainability to the forefront of their business practices through composting, eliminating plastic, and offsetting their carbon footprint. Inside, they stumble upon the work of Carolina Härdh and the Milan-based architecture and design practice Studio.Traccia. Both bring witty new approaches to turning food waste into viable materials.

Part of an exhibition called Egg Rack Create Disclaimer

While researching the project, Pinch came across a sculptural and performative image of an egg rack by London-based Liang Zhong Cheng. Eggrack has created a disclaimerThe interactive installation explored vulnerability, personal boundaries, and the invisible tension between the two.

Red cocktail in a transparent glass with yellow decoration sitting on a white trivet on a wooden table

When summer hits and temperatures soar… Pinch wanted to share her favorite zero-proof cocktail recipes from Natasha David’s book. drink lightlyInspired by the author’s love of grilled vegetables, this drink strikes a balance between complexity and conviviality while offering something tastier and more satisfying than ginger-spiked lemonade.

A white box of flower rosin with red lettering and cubes of white and red flower rosin stacked side by side

Towards the end of 2021, TJ Girard moved to greener pastures, California. With increasing legalization and the FDA looking for ways to regulate his CBD, cannabis has been despised through the universal language of food. With CBD edibles all the rage, TJ looked at three companies doing food and buzz games, and marketing and branding design.

vintage china sieve stand

Vintage Chinese \ Photo courtesy of Etsy

Inspired by Peruvian farmers who used large nets strung on hillsides to harvest water, TJ is all about filtering or simply splitting two ingredients during cooking and the I jumped into the tool to do.

Tortillas cut into shapes and stand up as sculptures

Photography/Styling: TJ Girard

Creating it in the purest and most authentic way to share with the community can take endless patience and commitment. One company that does just that is Truth Organics’ Kernal in Los Angeles, and TJ had the privilege of seeing and tasting their delicious tortillas. After trying out their tortillas, she couldn’t resist highlighting their beauty in her photoshoot.

Overhead shot of a sculptural food display featuring onions and tomatoes

Design + Photography: Taste: Work: Shop

TJ had the pleasure of meeting Coexist Build founders and creative duo Ana Konopitskaya and Drew Oberholtzer at a dinner party in Brooklyn. After a few glasses of wine and a few anecdotes, she knew there would be a creative collaboration sometime in the future.A decade later, the collaboration led TJ to work on a modular food display system built out of hemp blocks. rice field.

Gift Guide Header for Chefs

In our final Taste post of the year, resident chef and monthly Taste columnist TJ shared 10 gift ideas for chefs, culinary curiosities and cooks in the family. From growing your own mushrooms to trivets that become art, TJ has put together a little bit of everything, regardless of your skill level.

Caroline Williamson is the editorial director of Design Milk. She has a bachelor’s degree in photography from her SCAD, and usually hunts for vintage items, solves New York Times crossword her puzzles with a pen, and recreates playlists on Spotify.

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