21 Beautiful Maternity Photos – Maternity Picture Ideas for a Pregnancy Photo Shoot

Taking pictures during pregnancy captures the week-by-week changes in your body along with the anticipation of waiting for your family to grow.

You have a lot of options when it comes to maternity photos. Different poses, props, backgrounds, and even pets can reflect the personality and style of the parent.

“I always recommend choosing locations that are meaningful to the client and help tell their story,” says Sarah Wight, a destination photographer in New York, DC.

It can be a place of meaningful moments, a beautiful view, or simply the comfort of your living room. Recommended.

No matter how you pose or who is in the photo, Wight advises to keep the bump in focus. “It may seem obvious, but sometimes you don’t notice it at first glance. [the mom-to-be] Wight’s goal when taking maternity photos is for photos where the bump is presented in a natural and flattering way.

Not sure where to start? Browse this list for some inspiration for your maternity photoshoot.

Couple Maternity Photo Ideas

Want your partner to be the star of your maternity photos? Recreate any of these poses for couples.

hand in hand, together

You don’t have to pose awkwardly to announce your pregnancy. In this simple shot, the would-be parents hold hands and walk together.

sweet hug

Bring your loved ones closer to recreate this sweet photo.

holiday twist

If the timing is right, parents can dress up in Halloween costumes. Work on your next holiday like Hanukkah! — for a couple-friendly photo shoot.

Confetti and big balloons

Cue the confetti! The big balloons and big smiles, along with the confetti sprinkled on the expectant parents, indicates a high excitement level for this baby.

cute and cozy

Help your wardrobe show your intimacy. Warm textures and complementary colors help convey your love for the camera.

Family maternity photo ideas.

Welcome a second child to your family? Make celebratory photos a group event that includes friends, family and soon-to-be-older siblings.

All white coats

Announcing a second child is a family affair for these ardent parents.

matching bump

A chubby toddler belly perched on top of mommy’s own growing bumps makes for a sweet shot.

funny maternity photo ideas

Sending maternity photos to friends and family near and far? Seize the opportunity to put a smile on their faces.

surprising point

This pose creates perspective by placing the father-to-be’s head over the expectant parent’s body. This is a photo that will make viewers take her second shot and giggle.

surprise!baby on the way

These prospective parents put on their best shocked faces to spread the news, complete with ultrasounds.

starring dad

A message about pregnancy tests sums up everything in this growing family.

Maternity photo pose

Growing bumps are the natural star of maternity photos. Learn how to approach your own photo session with these beautiful photos.

look down on your bump

No need to reinvent the wheel! This mom-to-be proves that lovingly looking at a growing baby bump and a natural backdrop is a go-to combination.

crossed legs

A casual photo of her legs crossed at home captures this mother’s ease in her late pregnancy.

between the trees

The profile focuses on the baby, and the big smile on the mother’s face clearly conveys the joy of welcoming the baby.

A moment of tranquility close up

Both the setting (bedroom) and the mom’s tight cropping make this an intimate shot.

side stance

Standing in silhouette and facing the camera can give you a bump and a radiant smile all at once.

surrounded by leaves

Gaze in a photography setting helps focus on the growing baby.

in silhouette

A glowing sunset provided the perfect light to showcase this mom-to-be baby bump.

cute candid

Bonus points if the photographer (or your partner) can get a genuine laugh out of you.

maternity photo props

Not sure what to bring other than the best man? Try posing with a few props for different shots on the camera reel.

colorful balloons

Going to the party store for oversized balloons can sometimes yield some pretty festive results.

baby is so big

If you love tracking your baby’s week-by-week development, bring the produce props! Highlight your baby’s size with matching fruits and vegetables. A useful letter board can provide more relevant details.

shades and summer hats

Your family’s future is bright, so why not don a parasol and a wide-brimmed hat as part of your maternity photo shoot?

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