25 Of The Cutest Double Date Ideas This Winter

With the start of the New Year, Valentine’s Day celebrations, and its moody weather, winter is the romantic season for everyone, and whether you’re dating in college or married, there’s no better time to revamp your date nights. It’s the perfect time. Take your dating experience to the next level with one of these fun double date ideas. Most of these options also work for one-on-one dates if you prefer.

1. Cross-country skiing

Cross-country skiing is a quintessential winter activity and a great workout. In places where it snows, arboretums and golf courses become ski slopes in winter. If you don’t have your own skis, rent them and hit the snow.

2. An Evening at the Theater

For a sophisticated date night, head to your local theater for a play, musical or symphony. After watching the show and having fun, go out for dinner or a drink as a bonus.

3. Cooking class

Cooking classes are a great activity for couples and are perfect for a double date. And the best part is that you can eat what you make. I used to work at Sur La Table, and the evening cooking class at Sur La Table has always been a popular date night activity for couples.

4. Winter hiking

Hiking is always a great outdoor date and can be done even in winter. Pack your bags and drive to the nearest state park to be inspired by the natural beauty around you (and get some great workouts).

5. Go to a museum

When was the last time you went to an art museum? Make a double date out of exploring the museum and learn something new in the process.

6. Day trips

If you live in a city, plan a day trip to a nearby small town; if you live in a small town, spend the day in a big city. You are sure to have a great time exploring and getting to know a new town.

7. Brunch

Instead of going out to dinner, the four of you go out to brunch. What a great way to start the day with a double date?

8. Go ice skating

Ice skating always makes for a romantic winter date. I grew up on figure skating, so skating comes naturally, but even beginners can have a great time on the ice and make lots of great memories.

9. Fancy Dinner Out

Dinner dates never get old, but going out to dinner on a double date can change things. Let’s enjoy cooking.

10. Watch the Super Bowl

If you and your man are football fans, watching the Super Bowl is the perfect opportunity for a double date.

11. Hole in the Wall

Hole-in-the-wall restaurants can be just as good, as opposed to fancy dining out. From street tacos to local BBQ his joints, double dates at your favorite hidden gem restaurants to save money and have a more authentic experience.

12. Dance class

Dancing is a great way to bond as a couple and serves as a lifelong skill. And going to dance lessons is even more fun with another couple.

13. Game Night

Game nights are the perfect double date, as most games require just four people. Pick a host, collect your favorite snacks and board games, and bring some playing cards.

14. Volunteer with us

Volunteering is a great way to spend time together while adding value to your community. He signs up as a group of four at a local food pantry, pregnancy center, or other charity.

15. Go out for sushi

Sushi is difficult to make at home. Find a quality sushi restaurant and enjoy a healthy and enjoyable meal together.

16. Rifles

What’s sexier than watching your man shoot a gun? Exercise your Second Amendment rights and head to the shooting range. Trap and skeet is a great way to practice shooting, is also a popular social activity, and is perfect for a double date.

17. Coffee date

Timeless dates, meeting in charming caf├ęs, and having a good time over coffee and pastries.

18. History tour of your city

See how well you know your city. Act like a tourist all day and get to know your place in a whole new perspective. A trolley tour is always a fun option!

19. Scenic drive

To just get away, simply go for a drive. If possible, find scenic drives that take you by water, mountains, or forests. Turn up the volume on your favorite playlist and take in the scenery.

20. Go for a walk

A simple walk is one of my favorite low-maintenance ways to catch up with friends or spend time with my boyfriend. Walking is good for you physically, mentally and in this case socially.

21. Baseball game

An iconic Americana activity, the game of baseball is perfect for a double date because of its slow motion. You can talk to each other while watching the development of the game.

22. Attend a concert

Check out live music at your location. Find and enjoy live music venues, from country music festivals to up-and-coming bands in public parks or singers coming to a location near you.

23. Watch a movie

Another cute and timeless date idea is going to the movies. You can rely on it if the weather is cold or it’s raining outside. Explore new releases for the year or rewatch classics. Check out this list of the best movies to watch as a couple and laugh and discuss the movies later.

24. Karaoke Night

A double date is the perfect number of people for karaoke, enough variety, but not too much to be intimidating. Unleash yourself and just have fun!

25. Sled

Is it snowing outside? Find a park and feel like a kid again while jumping down hills. When you have to walk back down the slopes again, it should be a good time and a great workout.

at the end

Winter weather may not be the best for some areas, but there are plenty of great ways to get outside and make great memories with your loved ones and friends. Take advantage of the opportunities winter has to offer and plan a fun double date with your favorite person.

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