3-Year-Old’s Incredible Spider-Man Costume & Photo Shoot Goes Viral

With Peter Parker aside, Rose Jackson is ready to step into the spotlight! Well, she already has. To mark her 3rd birthday, Rose rocked a full Spider-Man outfit, including a mask, in a photo shoot that recently went viral — it was so viral, in fact, that the artist said her We created a product based on appearance.

Rose’s mother, Diamond Jackson, a professional photographer and owner of Rae’s Bleu Rose Photography, took pictures of her 3-year-old daughter. In the photo, Rose crouches in front of a city building background, as if in mid-air. It evokes the classic Marvel stance of her character as seen in movies and comics.

The mother of three tells Romper that her daughter started becoming a Spider-Man fan about 10 months ago. She admits she’s a bit adamant about how Rose is drawn to the character, but she has her own theory: “I honestly don’t know,” Jackson says. .

Since sharing a photo of Rose on her Instagram page on January 14, the image has gone viral and has received over 51,000 likes. Inspired by the photo, the artist has created coffee mugs and paintings.

Ray’s Blue Rose Photo
Ray’s Blue Rose Photo
Ray’s Blue Rose Photo

Rose is the youngest of Jackson’s daughters, whose other daughters are 10 and 5, and Rose is the only one who has expressed interest in Marvel. Jackson says Spider-Man is her only favorite for now.

“You’ll know right away,” says her mother, as long as she sees Rose in another costume photoshoot. In the meantime, watch out for Peter Parker. The future looks bright for spiders!

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