30 Flattering Haircuts For Women In Their 30s

There comes an age when many women decide it’s time to change their hairstyle. Graduated with a cut cut.

Many women are led to believe that once they hit their 30s, they should cut their hair short and opt for something more practical than the long, beachy waves they used to wear, but that’s far from the truth. It’s not what it used to be. In fact, the haircut that looks best on you at any age is the one that suits your face shape and hair texture. Discover what works for you and make it easier to choose a haircut that looks great and is functional.

If you’ve been looking for hair inspiration these days and aren’t in the mood to grab a pair of scissors for your own DIY cuts like those you’ve seen on TikTok, here are some great ideas. Here are 30 flattering haircuts for women in their 30s, rushing to the stylists.

sexy bob

There is no haircut as classic as the bob. A cut that never goes out of style and looks great at any age. Haircut specialist Diana Nematara tells Mane Addicts that a straight, sexy bob is perfect for her straight hair.


The shag haircut definitely had a moment last year, reminding everyone why this is such a great look. This is a great cut if you’re looking for something a little more structured and edgy. So why not try a shag haircut on your next salon visit?

french bob

The French bob is the shorter, chic cousin of the classic bob. Inspired by the short bob that was so popular in the 1920s, this look is usually cut along the jawline and has textured ends and bangs. It looks sleek and sexy, yet low maintenance and versatile. This is the perfect cut for those looking to make a dramatic change.

butterfly cut

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you’ve no doubt witnessed the number of women getting butterfly cuts on the advice of hair guru Bradmond. Even if you trust your stylist, this is one look that looks great on any length and is a great way to part hair of all lengths with just the right number of layers. We recommend cutting!

medium length beachy waves

Beach waves aren’t just for summer. It’s a great way to take medium-length hair from simple to sophisticated. Invest in a good texturizing spray to help keep the style in place all day.


Bangs are one of the biggest trends every year and one of the easiest ways to transform your look. Adding bangs can attract the eye and create a different vibe to your haircut. Invest in a pair of clip-ons and experiment before making the cut.

sassoon bob

One of the classic power haircuts, the sassoon bob is a stunning variation on the classic bob. Cut longer in the front and shorter in the back, the sassoon bob features blunt ends and sharper angles in the cut than other styles that feature more layering. Celebrity hairstylist Jessica Elbaum told Family Proof that the cut is “chic, timeless, and looks good on everyone.”

pixie cut

The pixie cut is always stylish, but adding a little more volume and length than the traditional super short pixie makes it perfect for women in their 30s. You can wear this look sleek and sleek or with a little more volume.

long layer

Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear long hair once you’re in your 30s. Gorgeous long hair in layered styles is emerging as a major trend. Whether you like to wear your hair straight or wavy, long hair with long layers will give you the hair others crave.

curtain bangs

Curtain bangs have been one of the most popular bang styles last year for good reason. The best part is that it requires less maintenance than short, blunt bangs and can be swept to the side if you decide to grow it out.

curve cut

A curb cut is the perfect way to wear your long hair.Expert stylist Tyler Moore of Live True London explains how to achieve this stunning look. Hope. Moore also adds that this is the perfect cut if you want your hair to grow while giving it shape and style.

side part

Let Generation Z have the middle part. The side part is for millennials! The side part works with any haircut and is a nice change from the middle part, which has been reigning supreme for as long as last year. Stylist George Northwood told Glamour, “Things suddenly feel fresh and new, especially with the bob.


Undercuts have become semi-mainstream these days because they not only tame unruly hair, but they’re also incredibly cool. Whether you opt for a peek-a-boo, an undercut is a great way to modernize your haircut and add an element of wow.

modern day rachel

Named after Jennifer Aniston’s “Friends” character, Rachel’s haircut consists of many choppy layers that frame her face. A modern take on the popular cut, it’s making a comeback. Lots of layers and face-framing bangs go well with this shoulder/mid-length cut and look good on everyone. It’s just one of the 90s hairstyles, but it’s a great way to try something timeless and fresh.

hugging curls

The best thing about being in your 30s is that you get more confident as you get older. While you may have spent most of your teenage years and his 20s taming Karl, your 30s is the perfect time to embrace him. To get the most out of this stunning style, ask your stylist to add a few face-framing layers or long layers to layer up your curls.

italian bob

Another variation on this classic cut is the Italian Bob. This cut is long enough to be worn up and down, can be worn with all kinds of parts, looks amazing when left to dry or styled naturally and the chunky ends give it lots of movement so it looks great An Italian bob is usually cut just below the chin, giving it just the right hint of sophistication.

curly shag

Another great way to wear your curly hair is the shag cut. Usually seen on people with straight or wavy hair, this cut is a gorgeous way to show off your natural curls. is intended to work with your natural curl and texture, making it an ideal cut for those with curly hair.

wavy lob

A long bob, also called a lob, is a great cut for those who don’t want to be as short as a traditional bob, but like the versatility and classic shape of the cut. Adding a few waves adds movement and volume to the hair. increase. This is a great style to hide behind your ears or loose around your face.

choppy fringe pixie

When you’re in your 30s, you may be ready to experiment with your hair a little more than you were in your 20s.There’s nothing more daring, powerful, or chic than a pixie cut. I love that I have choppy fringes and long sideburns.

long layers with curtain bangs

Once you’re in your 30s, you don’t need to get a big chop, but I do recommend adding long layers to give your hair a little more shape. It’s versatile enough to be worn over or under, and also keeps you from feeling overwhelmed by your hair if you decide to grow it out.

Short bob with undercut and pop color

Just because you’re in your thirties doesn’t mean your days of experimenting with different hair colors are over! I love this rose pink French bob look with side undercuts. You can show off your individuality.

modern mullet

The bora cut, which has surged in popularity in recent years, is the ultimate cool girl cut. It takes a great deal of confidence to wear a cut like this, perfect for someone in their 30s. It takes a certain amount of courage and attitude,” celebrity stylist Harry Josh told Glamour.

kelly cut

What do you get when you combine a bowl cut with a mullet? You get a Kelly cut that’s perfect for those who want something a little edgier than a traditional cut. This cut is recommended for everyone.

long hair

Super long hair never goes out of style regardless of age. The length allows for a wider range of styling. Worn up, down, wavy or straight, you can experiment with endless looks. Add a pop of color for a fun twist.

bottleneck bangs

If you’re looking to experiment with bangs but don’t want to go with the traditional fringe, and curtain bangs aren’t your style, try bottleneck bangs. They mimic the bangs, so they are narrower near the forehead and wider towards the cheekbones. increase.

midi flick

A midi flick is a mid-length cut that allows the ends to be flicked up if desired, adding a touch of retro flair to the haircut. The cut is “perfect for adding volume and texture, as the shoulder support helps give the hair lift and movement,” she explains.

70’s glam

Go big or go home with this 70’s glamorous look. Longer layers can be blown away in big, bouncy waves that give you that staple ’70s vibe. This look is so versatile that if you don’t want to style your hair with too much volume, you don’t have to and it will still look amazing.

curly pixie

Show off your curls with a cute short pixie cut. Curly hair is great for a pixie cut because it requires very little styling. The hair’s natural curl and texture are perfect for this short haircut. This is also great if you don’t like spending a lot of time on your hair, or if you have a hard time taming curly tresses.

short and choppy

We love this short, choppy look that actress Florence Pugh wore in her recent fashion campaign. The longer layers make it versatile, while the shaggy, shorter back makes it easy to style and looks really cool.

textured bob

The bob is such a classic cut that it’s no wonder you see so many variations, but with a textured bob you can use your own hair to create a cut that moves however you like with minimal styling. The subtle shape of this look is also ideal if you want to let your hair air dry.

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