49 Stunning Engagement Photo Ideas

Sarah Fargo

The concept of engagement photography may seem overkill to some, but a pre-wedding session with a photographer will make each other comfortable in front of the camera. , is traditional and customary rather than an optional addition to wedding photography. Even if you’re planning your first round of professional photography together, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the vibe, look, and feel these photos capture.

Engagement shoots don’t always have to be serious. Ask yourself: Are you trying to emulate a chic editorial? Are you capturing candid and romantic moments? Or do you have a simple, straightforward portrait to share with your family?

From the waters of Capri to the comfort of your own home, we’ve put together a selection of stunning engagement photos shot by the world’s best photographers. and where) to get an idea of ​​what to use.

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Our vote is always golden hour when it comes to what time to take pictures.

Photo credit: Diktat Photos

Choose a remote or local location that reflects who you are as a couple.

Photo credit: Igor Demba

Take a walk around the neighborhood and take a photographer with you.

Photo credit: Moe Davis

Work with your photographer beforehand to get some inspiration and create a look that feels authentic as a couple. Think modern-day Slim Aarons, Helmut Newton, or the old Hollywood movie look of the iconic shot of the two together.

Photo credit: Christian Oss

Drop your heels and climb a mountain. Barefoot photos that capture the moment are lighthearted and effortless photos that I cherish the most.

Photo credit: KT Merry

Plan activities the two of you will enjoy, whether it’s a boat trip, a hike, or a day by the pool. Then, style yourself in the moment and experience it all with your photographer.

Photo courtesy of Anne Atelier

Find your focal point in the wide landscape. Leave the rest to us.

Photo credit: Jose Villa

If your most intimate moments are at home, invite your photographer over for dinner or drinks and let them do their best.

Photo credit: John Dolan

The retro vibe at sunset makes for a cinematic moment rather than a posed photo.

Photo credit: Alan Zepeda

Why not dress up? Make your photos glamorous and look effortless at home.

Photo courtesy Abby Zhu

Sometimes all you need is the comfort of your home for a sweet and candid photo shoot. please try. It may be difficult at first, but do your best to forget that the photographer is in the room.

Photo courtesy of Deerhart Photos

If you live in the city, take the train or take a taxi. Give your photographer a front seat.

Photo courtesy: Heather Waraxa

Be playful and don’t skimp on the moments in between. There is often beauty in blur. When reviewing a photographer’s work, keep in mind that not everything has to be pin-sharp.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Raduca

Enjoy fashion. Use your engagement session as a time to wear looks that you think you won’t have anywhere to wear on your wedding weekend, but that you love just as much.

Photo credit: Sarah Fargo

Far-away drone photos can be displayed in the newlyweds’ homes as lifelong keepsakes and art.

Photo credit: Kama Catch Me Photography

Embrace the charm of old movies, embrace the mod style and take your own street style photos.

Photo credit: Berate

Get creative with your venue choices and choose a location that tells your story. Like this couple who stepped into New York City’s Top of the Rock for their engagement session at sunset.

Photo credit: Christian Os Studio

Have a photo session in a secluded location and create an intimate moment in a natural setting.

Photo credit: Brandon Scott Photography

Plan ahead. In this gravity-defying boat ride-like photo, the captain drives one of her boats for you and your mistress, and another hers for a photographer to capture you at sea. is another ride.

Photo credit: Sylvie Gill

Embrace your heritage, your love of fashion, and the places that matter to you as individuals and as a couple.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Austin Photography

Don’t focus on making each shot perfect. Sometimes all you need is movement to go from a basic photo to a breathtaking one.

Photo credit: Terralogical

Engagement photos don’t have to be formal. Pick an activity you want to do together, or one you haven’t done before, and do your part.

Photo credit: Fukusha

Reflect on your daily commute (this time with a photographer) and create chic, in-the-moment memories.

Photo credit: Joseph Rogers

Find a filming location that has the best of both worlds, like this trail with a backdrop of haystacks and cityscapes.

Photo credit: Olivia Ray James

Never skimp on fashion and style when shooting in otherworldly destinations. Pick up a few extra pieces to wear and come up with the best way to showcase them.

Photo credit: Aaron Deresy

The candid moments are most likely what you’ll end up cherishing, but you can’t direct or control them. Trust me it will.

Photo credit: Eric McVay

Accept good and bad weather. Trust us: A little rain adds to the drama of the captured moment.

Photo credit: Melissa Cervantes Photography

Be yourself and try to relax. Remember to engage, laugh and show affection to each other, even if the photographer is capturing everything.

Photo credit: Chichi Ali

When kissing in front of the camera, be real and don’t peck. That being said, slow down a bit. A pause before each kiss allows the photographer to capture all the emotions.

Photo credit: Jose Villa

Don’t be surprised if your photographer leaves the two of you alone to shoot you from a distance. That’s it.

Photo credit: Larissa Cleveland

Get directions from your photographer without worrying about what they have on hand. When they walk towards you and tell you to come back, they could be shooting you walking towards you and you walking away – for such a great moment. To.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Messina

When in doubt, joke around. The infectious laughter shared between you two adds personality and memories to your shots.

Photo credit: Christian Os Studio

Don’t miss the opportunity to be yourself and have fun. Lean into the moment and let your photographer capture it all, even if it means risking your perfect hair and makeup.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Messina

Think of this shoot as a creative collaboration with your photographer. Bring out inspirational images. As you plan the lighting, wardrobe, and accessories for your shoot, don’t just look at other couples’ engagement sessions, look to old photos and movies.

Photo courtesy of Anne Atelier

When in doubt, keep it simple in black and white.

Photo credit: Thierry Joubert

Seasonal flowers, like cherry blossom season, create a natural floral backdrop that reminds you of the time and place of your engagement or your wedding plans.

Photo credit: Judy Park

The champagne flute in hand is cute and sweet, but the move is festive, fun, and vibrant.

Photo credit: Moe Davis

Choose a remote location to take photos, even if it’s far from the wedding venue.

Photo credit: Adonye Jaja

When the place speaks for itself, keep styling effortless, sophisticated and true to your personal style.

Photo credit: Corbin Gherkin

Don’t overthink it. Find a comfortable spot and think of it as time to spend together, not time to take pictures.

Photo credit: John Dolan

If the wind can be controlled, roll with it. You’ll be surprised how much you will love the candid and imperfect moments in your photos.

Photo courtesy of Anne Atelier

Awaken your love of adventure and zest for life by saying goodbye to elaborate portraits. A trip to the beach will give you a carefree atmosphere.

Photo credit: KT Merry

Trust your photographer. It’s more difficult to be comfortable and vulnerable in front of the camera if the person standing behind it doesn’t exude a sense of calm.

Photo credit: Sarah Fargo

Plan your engagement shoot on the day of your ceremony and book a 2:1 appointment to ensure all the important ceremony moments are captured.

Photo credit: Judy Park

Check out the full range of photographer jobs before seeing if one is right for you. Photographers tend to promote their favorite hand-picked photos, but you need to make sure that every piece from a single shoot or wedding resonates with your style.

Photo credit: Charlotte Jenks Lewis

A mirror is a great trick for those who feel uncomfortable in front of the camera lens. Seeing your partner in your reflection rather than the camera’s gaze is a simple trick to getting comfortable.

Photo credit: Chichi Ali

Capture your most authentic moments, like having breakfast in bed on Saturday morning, and use them as a backdrop. Familiarity will help make you and your fiancé more relaxed in front of the camera.

Photo credit: Christian Oss

Less is more in most cases. But when you’re looking to pack a punch into a sprawling landscape, adding props in between a few shots can add a fresh, whimsical, and unique touch of editing.

photo courtesy: Roberta Facchini

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