6 Photography Themes to Help You Love the Craft Again

A photograph is both the end result and the process. Indeed, we all love the feeling of being “shot”. It’s a drug like no other. But it’s equally important to enjoy the process of shooting as well as the subject. If you want to experience that feel-good factor in your photography, here are some themes to help you release all the endorphins.

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Some of you reading this may immediately think, “I feel better when I take all types of photos.” it’s not true. I speak to many photographers who struggle with the types of photos they take. It’s mostly photojournalists and documentary photographers who are struggling. PTSD Because it has a lot of content. Also, I often hear groans when wedding photographers are frustrated with the demands of their technology.

So, below are mostly stress-free photography themes that feel good when put into practice.

animal pictures

As long as you’re not dead, animals are a surefire way to make you feel warm and fuzzy. , there is something beautiful.introduced a lot of pet photographer On the site, they all share how good their jobs feel. Find a pet or take a picture of yourself if you haven’t already. You will definitely enjoy the process.

professional photography

We know there are many projects in your community that require the services of a professional photographer.Most of them rely on donations, so we don’t have the budget to pay photographers. Use your skills to give something back to the worldAnd while making a difference in the lives of others through professional photography, you can also feel good about your own choices. (Altruism is a myth!)

beach pictures

I believe every human being should visit the beach every year. The coast has wonderful healing powers for mental health. Taking a camera with you reinforces the process of being away and in the moment. Think of the crisp, fresh air, the warmth of the sand under your feet, and the sun shining on your surroundings. Imagine being able to record it with your favorite camera. Feel-good chemicals are flowing right now, right?

children’s pictures

Children are beautiful subjects. Not just because of their cuteness, but because most of them still don’t understand the pressures of the world, they can bring a high level of positive energy to any environment. But for the most part, capturing the innocence of childhood leaves the heart melting and the brain happy.

It also guarantees the smile of others.

family photo shoot

Photographers travel extensively to find the types of subjects they want to document. The reality is that challenging subjects are much closer to home than many people think. Sometimes we seem to overlook people close to us. Your family is probably proud of your skills. Using that skill to document the people who have given you a chance in the world is very rewarding. Making a record makes it even more important.

And always remember that family means different things to different people.


Stop looking at what’s in front of you and look inward. Pointing the camera at yourself can be very rewarding. not only, self-portrait A great way to discover your body and mind (while learning to love these parts of yourself). So, if you’re struggling with theme ideas that make you feel good, stand in front of the lens and see where your creativity takes you!

time to enjoy the process

If you’re not currently enjoying photography, or are struggling with client or topic demands, use the photography themes above to reconnect with what you love. All of them can help make you happy. That’s what photography should be.

What type of photography do you enjoy most? Let us know in the comments below. thank you for reading.

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