64-Year-Old Madonna Apparently Doesn’t Realize Blasphemy Stopped Being Edgy 20 Years Ago

Madonna’s entire career has been built on a foundation of edgy and risk-taking content, but the 64-year-old icon may have taken things too far in her recent photoshoot for Vanity Fair.

She posed for the publication’s “icon issue”, which serves as a collaboration between the Italian, Spanish and French editions of the monthly magazine. Displaying images that they described as “profane,” fans pointed the finger at the singer for not knowing the difference between edgy and downright inappropriate in modern pop culture.

Madonna has long been known for blurring the lines of cultural norms and freedom of expression, but her most recent promotional adventures have made her forget to read the older room. I questioned the fans.

The photoshoot included Madonna in a costume similar to The Last Supper, with fans trying to give the star an ‘out’ by saying this might not be what she was trying to project. will have trouble explaining the twelve apostles around her.

Madonna sparked outrage for painting a portrait of the Virgin Mary on the cover of the special issue. This can only be described as her silent marketing campaign to draw attention to her upcoming new tour. (Related: Madonna announces world tour with X-Rated Game Of Truth Or Dare with Jack Black and other celebrity friends)

Her creative expression has received mixed reviews, but online complaints accusing the singer of mocking Jesus are far superior to any compliments thrown at her. .

According to Geo TV, Madonna said in an interview with the magazine, “This is a good time for me. , listening to music.

Her celebration tour begins in North America in July 2023, marking her 40th anniversary in the entertainment industry.

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