7 Instagram Story Ideas For Photos With Friends

Showing love to your best friend on Instagram Stories is like a modern version of MySpace Top 8. Even if you don’t pin your profile picture to your account, doing a shoutout in your story is a way to let all your followers know.Who right Top 8 if that was still an issue. Sure, you can always post a quick selfie or group photo to your account, but there’s something special about putting extra effort into your Instagram Stories with creative poses and layouts.

Whether you miss the chance to post your BFF’s birthday story or just want a fun photo to soft tag your friends with, there are plenty of ways to step up your IG game and create a story that resembles your online masterpiece. Remember all the creations you made with Picnik in the early 2000s? Users used a variety of Instagram stickers, copy-paste hacks, and additional editing apps to intentionally add to their photos without much effort. We found a way to recreate the same aesthetic in an upgraded way by giving it a sleek look. Below are seven Instagram story ideas you can use with your non-basic friends, along with tips for editing them directly on your phone.

film strip

The user has formatted a black rectangle with white dots on the edges to resemble a retro-style photo strip. From there he adds 3 or more photos to create a unique look for a basic friend group photo shoot.

The Bird’s Eye “Phone Eats First” Photo

shutter stock

The glasses ringing the boomerang may be DOA. Instead, try a bird’s-eye view of the table where your friends are picking up what they want to eat or dripping ketchup on their plates. This action makes the photo look very candid and brings a new look to the “phone eats first” motto.

album cover

Choose the song that defines your friendship and turn your photo into an album cover with this easy-to-follow hack by TikTok user @bbyb3a. Spotify stickers like the pause, play and share buttons on your music listening app add details that make this story idea so cool.

tricolor gradient background

Make your photo pop by using the 3-color background and the eyedropper tool to match the color of your photo. Perfect for best friend photos in front of the sunset or other colorful scenes.

photo markup

This Instagram story idea is so cute because you can give each of your friends a different design. Select a photo in Photos on your iPhone, and in the upper right corner[編集]Press the button. In the editing screen, there is a marker button in the upper right corner that allows you to choose which tool and color you want to write with. Once selected, you can add angel wings, heart eyes and other hand drawn doodles to your photo.


If you want to get serious about the IG story game, some users like @taytoom use additional editing apps like Picsart and Procreate to create scrapbook-level photo layouts. Some features require you to pay a subscription fee, so keep that in mind before you put your heart into your scrapbook Instagram stories.

beautiful stickers

An easy way to add some flair to a photo with friends is to choose cute stickers that you can find in the Instagram app. User @Mayamaianh shares her favorite stickers her artist that you can type directly into the Instagram story editor sticker search bar and scroll through your favourites.

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