7 Joshua Bassett EP-Inspired Photo Shoot Ideas That Are “Really That Good”

Joshua Bassett’s self-titled EP is out March 12th, 2021 and is packed with jams and photo shoots #inspo. All tracks have haunting romantic and catchy lyrics, some including his video of dreamy music adorned with pastels and his frames of film. You’ll want to turn on ‘Lie Lie Lie’ or ‘Heaven Is You’, pick up your camera and recreate the ‘really great’ photoshoot idea inspired by the Joshua Bassett EP.

After all, taking a photo inspired by the Joshua Bassett EP is the best way to show your love. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series The actor, and gearing up his Instagram feed for spring. You may have the same palette as flowers, or you may have new clothes purchased for the warmer days ahead.

These photos were shot in a collared shirt similar to what Bassett wears in both his “Lie Lie Lie” and “Telling Myself” videos, or his “LLL”-inspired teal color. You can also shoot in the costume of The atmosphere of spring is one rank up. Once you’ve chosen your look, you can start your Joshua Bassett EP inspired photoshoot. Don’t forget to tag Bassett on the final product.


Snuggle up at the kitchen table with your SO

The first is a photo that can be reproduced on SO. It is based on the “Telling Myself” music video. In the video, Bassett sits in a restaurant booth with her partner, cuddling and chatting while enjoying her drink. She can recreate this scene at the kitchen table by dimming the lights and sitting near her lover, touching his face with her hand.

You can put a coffee cup on the table, a vase of flowers, or even a fake menu if you want to pretend you’re at a restaurant. Once you have the shot, use an editing app like Lightroom or Tezza to saturate the yellows to make it look like it was taken during golden hour.


Lie on the ground and look at the branches

The album art for Bassett’s debut EP shows him lying on his car, looking at a blossoming branch. He wears his T-shirt covered in lace and holds a branch over his head.

For this shot, pose in a similar position to the flower stems and branches in your backyard. Pretend to be deep in thought by setting a tripod so it’s level with the hood of your car. Playing the EP in the background is not required, but recommended.


playing guitar in front of pink background

It’s no lie, no lie, no lie that the pink background stands out on your IG feed. You can make your friends and followers stop scrolling and leave comments like “this is so sweet” along with the heart eyes emoji. If you already have an Instagram backdrop in your backyard, set pink sheets or hang pink sheets from a sturdy tree.

Grab your acoustic guitar and pose in front of your backdrop for a cute Instagram photo.a teddy bear or HSTMTS soundtrack.


Pose for the camera while holding piano keys

Have you seen the poster for Bassett’s virtual concert on April 16, 2021? A star is shown lying over a piano and pressing a key. The photos are vintage and dusty and look like they were taken with film or a disposable camera.

If you have a keyboard or piano, pose and recreate this image. Press a key while smiling sweetly at the camera. You can apply filters or take a photo with a disposable camera and develop it. If you don’t have a keyboard, use your laptop or computer keyboard to create a similar scene.


look at the sky with a friend

Blue skies may be the most underrated background in books. Sleep no more on your creative possibilities and step outside with your camera, your BFF, and this shot from his Bassett’s “Telling Myself” video.

To recreate it, you have to cuddle your BFF while the self-timer goes off. Angle the lens up and look away when it’s off. If the wind blows your hair at that moment, Selection subject win.


Selfie in red turtleneck

The music video for “Only a Matter of Time,” the fourth track on Bassett’s EP, is simple yet moody. Wearing a bright red turtleneck, standing on the railroad tracks, the stars sing. Don’t rush to find the tracks in this photo, as it’s ready to snap in your bedroom.

The key is standing in front of a national park poster, or a very rustic place. From there, you’ll want to take a selfie in a similar red turtleneck. You can also curl your hair if you want to mimic Bassett’s signature locks.


stand in front of a car at sunset

Last but not least, take notes from the “Lie Lie Lie” playbook, put on your dressy fit and stand in front of your car. It captures the same purple haze as the music video and lets you see far into the distance.

In this photo, you can leave your car in the driveway or parking lot, or pull it over and have a green garden in the background for a springtime vibe.

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