8 Best Photo Props for Engagement Pictures in 2022

Taking engagement photos with your future spouse is a special (and fun!) way to celebrate your love together and share the big news with friends and family. Whether it’s an official Instagram announcement or a wedding invitation, your engagement photos should reflect your personality and who you are as a couple. Using the right photo props is a great way to do just that.

“Use props that are meaningful to you, such as food and drink, your favorite hat, or something that symbolizes your job,” says Michelle Robles, a Southern California-based wedding photographer. We asked Robles to share her top photo prop ideas and recommendations to help you create stunning engagement photos that will be loved for years to come.

For even more sentimentality, she suggests popping a bottle with the Frank and Loons Custom Engagement Champagne Label and writing a special message on the Threshold Wood letter board. For something simple and romantic, try the Miss Fleur Dried Flower Arrangement or the Everly Quinn Her Papillion Upholstered Loveseat.

Read on for the best photo props for engagement shoots.

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Price at launch: $7

“You’re engaged! Popping some champs is both a way to celebrate and a way to get some super fun candor,” Robles says. It also helps.”

dry bridal bouquet flowers

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Price at launch: $27+

Robles recommends adding a bridal touch to your photos. “Order a pretty dry he bouquet on Etsy, or ask your local florist for a smaller bouquet for your engagement photos.” ) method.

Colorless Ivory Rancher's Hat

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“A hat can completely transform your look,” Robles says.

pink vintage sofa

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Robles suggests using interesting furniture to switch poses or set new scenes for a shoot. Retro sofas and chairs like this one are “a fun way to bring a vintage flair to your photos,” she says.

engagement party banner

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Price at publication: $10

Robles suggests adding this banner to the back of your vintage car for a unique, retro feel. “It has a vintage vibe that’s perfect for wedding and engagement photos,” she says. “Let’s find a rental car or get one to take some pictures.”

wooden dial

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Price at publication: $23

Get creative with your announcements with interactive retro-inspired signs. “It’s a fun way for photos to actually speak to friends and family,” says Robles. “Spell your name, new last name, or a fun little message.”

wooden ring box engagement

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Price at publication: $29

“Your engagement photo Must “Show off your latest accessory,” says Robles.

wedding dog bandana photo prop

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Price at launch: $4+

Let’s not forget the most valued member of the crew. “Your pet is probably the best prop you can use! Capturing the monumental moments of your life with the whole family is fun.”

what to look for in engagement photo props

The most important thing in engagement photos is to properly express your love for each other. It provides an opportunity to reflect on your relationship, be playful, and let your personality shine through. Photo props are a great way to make your photos your own.

Consider the style and aesthetics you want for your photo shoot when looking for the perfect prop. “First, let the photographer know what kind of atmosphere you’re looking for,” suggests Robles. “Do you want to be mostly serious, or do you want some silly and frank fun?”

Boho brides, vintage-inspired hair accessories, or rustic bridal bouquets like Miss Fleur dried flower arrangements are right up your alley. Are you a couple that isn’t afraid to make a statement and have a little bit of fun? It is recommended that you take the


  • “The first thing I always suggest couples is pick a place for them. Make your date night a tricycle,” says Robles. “Have them pick a place that’s special to them. First. Places they’ve been on their date, places they often go, places they love to go together, etc. Bonus points if they take you on an adventure. actually doing activities. Filming something or a place they love together makes the shoot more meaningful. “

  • “Casual attire and flashy options,” advises Robles. Throw on a hat to create a different look with this casual option.Photos are always a couple and they’re comfortable in what they’re wearing.”

    She continued, “Part 2, go all out with your fancy options. You’re filming a prequel to the day you dress up to the nines, so bring your glamorous gown or dress with your heels on.” Please (use Rent the Runway if necessary.) Gentlemen, please wear a coat and dress shoes. should be loved as

  • “Try your best not to just smile and pose. I know it’s hard when people and the camera are all your business. But try to breathe, relax, and connect with your partner.” “When in doubt, move around. Look stiff,” says Robles.

    “Pro Tip: Champagne pops are sometimes better done earlier in the session than later. At the end, playing your favorite music is always helpful to set the mood and tone of your shoot. It’s also a great way to unwind and unwind.Let your personality shine through.”

  • “A fun way to personalize your photos is to include your favorite food. Keep it fun. Have a picnic or pizza party in the back seat of your car,” recommends Robles. Make your photos even more special. “Incorporate a sentimental element into these photos and borrow accessories from loved ones, especially if you’re unsure how to tie something on your wedding day.”

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