8 Rooftop Photoshoot Ideas For Fall To Recreate With Spooky Decor & Your SO

As the seasons change, so should the content of your Instagram feed. There are no specific rules for social media, but swapping beach pics for pumpkin pics as soon as the calendar turns to September is a home run-level move. It’s about challenging your creativity and inspiring you to make the most of your fall props, spooky decor, and new #look. Let’s see if

After you’ve snapped a picture of your SO with blankets spread out, twinkling lights lined up, and candles nearby on a fall date night, you might be brimming with whimsical, romantic, and delicious photoshoot ideas. I can’t. The local farmer’s candies apples available at her market and the cool witch hat in her closet are definitely ready for his IG debut. It would be hard to let go of their ethos this season for something creative and social media ill-suited.

Needless to say, props like that are included in some of the other ideas we have prepared for you. See SO for setup and photography. Boo– ‘Tyfle in grams.


Tape fall flowers to the ground and sit in them

Buy a bouquet of fall flowers and tape them to the roof of your building to keep them from being blown away by the autumn breeze. At dusk, put on your favorite high-waisted girlfriend jeans and sneakers and pose for a photo surrounded by blooming flowers. Make sure the petals are facing the camera and throw the peace sign for a joyous transition from summer to fall.


enjoy a cup of tea wrapped in a blanket

Capture the warmth and bliss that fall brings in this photo. To do this, grab a fall-inspired tea press and mug and brew tea with your SO on the rooftop. As soon as the camera turns off, you wrap yourself in a cozy blanket and close your eyes as if soaked in a cozy atmosphere and hot steam.


Wearing a spooky t-shirt while holding binoculars

The spooky season has arrived. You’re heading to the rooftops looking for ghosts, right? So you’ll need to wear this ghostly shirt with your SO and pose with binoculars. Take this photo to the next level by adding ghosts and ghouls using Adobe Photoshop or quoting your favorite Halloween movie in the caption.


Wear orange heels and take a selfie in the mirror

Bathrooms aren’t the only places to have good lighting mirrors. After bringing vintage mirrors and handheld mirrors to the rooftop, this designer has a new place to pose for photos and poses with his pair of orange heels.

With the help of SO, you can snap a new fall look against the backdrop of a mirror, or snap a selfie of yourself with your shoes draped over your shoulder. A red lip is not essential, but it goes well with shoes and can be worn like autumn leaves.


Pretend to be trick-or-treating by filling a luxury bag with candy

Grown-up “trick or treat” requires a chic round bag and your favorite candy. Holding a bag in his hand, he sticks out various chocolate bars so Gram can see them. will be Wear a costume so your loyal followers can guess who you are.


A mix of seasonal mocktails surrounded by string lights

For this photo idea, mix a caramel apple or cinnamon flavored apple with this gold-rimmed drinkware set. Have your SO take pictures of each step while you stir the ingredients, making sure a series of string lights are peeking into the corners of the frame. Once you’ve taken a picture you like, relax and enjoy a mocktail with like-minded friends.


Painting a pumpkin and a canvas on a pile of newspapers

It’s the season to get crafty and show off your talents on the glam. A blank canvas and this art he drops a few little pumpkins into the mix along with the prints. Place your print on a small easel to show it’s your inspiration before starting a highly creative afternoon.


holding a candle and a big leaf

Keep it simple, hold this candle in one hand and a few large leaves in the other. Spread your arms out like starfish to express your excitement for the new season. Colorful leaves and candles are a real must-have, but any of your followers will want to stop what they’re doing and head to the rooftops for some fall photoshoots as well.

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