A dawn-to-midnight guide to celebrating New Year’s in Chennai

Design Quotient | Neon-themed decoration Photo courtesy: Special Arrangement

After two years of intimate kitchen sink parties and virtual gatherings, more people are heading out to celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Eve this year, but the shadow of the pandemic still hangs over us. , here are some ideas to keep you busy. Start the fun early.

5:30am to 7:30am

healthy start

Can’t get your hangover or lazy team together for an activity? You can always join one of these running or cycling groups around the city. Most of them end the year running or riding. WCCG (We Chennai Cyclists Group), which has 19 chapters in the city, will meet early in the morning on he December 31st. Each chapter will cycle to places of their choice such as Muthukadu, Akkarai Beach, Besant Nagar Beach, and Marina Beach Lighthouse. Usually ends with cake cutting and photography. Twenty-four hours later they were back again, cycling together to catch the first sunrise of the year. “Every year on January 1st we have a Beginners Ride. It is for people who want to lead a healthier lifestyle. A lot of them convert to regular riders,” says WCCG’s Priya D. Anyone can use it regardless of age group.

Up-and-coming members of WCCG ​​on a cycling adventure

Up-and-coming members of the WCCG ​​on a cycling adventure | Photo Credit: Special Arrangements

The beginner’s ride covers 25 kilometers and starts at three different points: Velachery, Tambaram and the Just Buy Cycles outlets at Anna Nagar. Even if you don’t have a bicycle, you can rent one at the venue.

If you’re cycling along the ECR, you’re bound to meet some avid runners. That lot also rises in the dawn chasm and slides down the stretch like a gazelle. Aditi Mukherjee, a member of Coastal Runners, said: New Year’s running is a big deal for them. “It’s a culture we’ve established,” she adds. On weekends, parts of her ECR are blocked from 5am to 7am for runners and cyclists. Aditi said the hundreds of enthusiastic fans who attended were a huge motivation.

chase the clouds

Chasing Clouds | Photo Chasing Clouds Photo Courtesy: Special Arrangement

Coastal Runners, part of Chennai Runners, was launched in 2014. The group will meet at Thiruvanmiyur Beach at 5:15am for a 10km run. For those interested in an evening run, we can organize coastal runs at Thiruvanmjur, Parabakham and Neelangkarai.

11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

make the most of our shores

Our enviable coastline and soothing waters are not just about delicious fish. Activities include kayaking, surfing and stand-up paddling. Or if you want to relax and feel like you are in a movie episode lifestyle of the rich and famouscharter a yacht.

Underwater picnic on Red Boat Yacht

Undersea Picnic on Red Boat Yacht | Photo Credit: Special Arrangement

How about brunch or New Year’s Eve high tea on the water? Red Boat offers yachts (accommodates 8 people, captain and 1 crew) and yachts (6 people). It is used in various scenes from birthday parties to proposals. They don’t sail at night, so guests spend the afternoon and evening sailing, enjoying meals, cutting cakes, listening to music, and fishing. It costs about ₹12,000 per hour, but people don’t mind spending because they want to try new experiences, says Red Boat’s Sathish S. “From November to December, the sea tends to be a little rough, but people still choose yachts,” he said, adding, “Depending on the sea conditions, the boats are about five nautical miles deep. .

Adventure Sports at Tent and Trek Campgrounds

Adventure Sports at Tent and Trek Campgrounds | Photo Credit: Special Arrangements

Chennai’s blink-and-miss winter is best enjoyed outdoors. It explains why many adventurers trade hotel rooms for camping in the wild. Manoj Suriya, who runs Tent ‘N’ Trek, a city-based travel startup, said:

tent and trek

Tent N Trek | Photo Credit: Special Arrangements

He said many clients in the city have booked camping gear for New Year’s Eve. Those who choose to stay in the city can pitch these tents in their backyards, terraces, farmhouses, or on the beach by their homes for stargazing, barbecues, picnics, watching movies, and more. Spend the night enjoying the cool breeze.

Take a rest

take a rest. This time may be required to go out and dress up for the evening. Sequined dresses, ice blue eye makeup, sharp blazers, suits, suspenders… it didn’t matter what I wore underneath at the last two years of Zoom parties. But don’t forget your pants and stilettos this time.

7:00 p.m. to midnight

home party

House parties are getting flashier every year so you might want to get an invitation to one of these. and has about 120+ guests.

Dhiya D’Rosario, who founded event and wedding planning firm Design Quotient in 2008, has been pulling his teeth this year since Deepavali. “People used to use what they had in their homes. Now they ask us to decorate and sometimes even invite them to intimate dinners,” he said. say.

House party decorations by Design Quotient

Design Quotient | House Party Decorations Photo Courtesy: Special Arrangements

She likes elaborate party decorations and is particular about everything from tableware to flower arrangements. “We also work closely with our client-verified catering partners to ensure that our curated menus are themed and served in a specific manner,” he says. She adds that her party clients at Home have increased by 40% compared to last year.

After a detailed meeting with the customer, we design from scratch. For example, she recently top gunA themed party to assemble a fighter plane in 48 hours using materials such as acrylic, wood, iron and steel. Popular themes for home parties this New Year are neon, green and white. “The leaf and disco her ball concept is also very well received,” she says.


After two years of low-key celebrations, people are now in the mood to party, says Varun Ganesan, partner at The Slate Hotel, which houses Bar and Lounge Secret Story, restaurants Bola and Blondie and Coco Maya. says. Even before tickets went on sale for the New Year’s Eve bash, the hotel received phone calls from die-hard fans. “Previous guests probably bought two passes or he four passes, but this time they are doing group bookings and they are coming in large numbers,” Varun said, adding that they also I added that I don’t mind spending. All three venues have different themes and DJs.

Secret story party goers

Secret Story partygoer | Photo credit: Special Arrangement

Add in DJs, bartenders, mixologists, chefs and bouncers, and you’re ready for a busy night. Most hoteliers are optimistic about this holiday season. Rajesh Radhakrishnan, General Manager of The Park Chennai said: This year’s festivities are primarily focused on family and friends. We want people to connect with their loved ones and have a good time with great memories,” he adds. The Starlight Party at , Lotus and 601 is transformed into one big Gala Buffet experience where families can come with kids and enjoy gourmet cuisine from around the world. with good music.

And when all this is over, if you still have energy, I’ll see you on the beach at sunrise.

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