Actor Tells Cops One Of His Photos Is Morphed

New Delhi: Ranveer Singh has faced much outrage after the actor posted a series of photos and posed nude for a magazine photo shoot. , and it quickly went viral on social media.

According to the latest developments in the case, in his statement recorded at the Mumbai Police Station, the actor said one of the images deemed objectionable as his private parts could be seen was the photograph. Not part of the shoot, but deformed. ANI reported that Ranveer claimed to have “altered” and “transformed” the photos.

According to ANI’s tweet, “Mumbai Police have recorded the statement of actor Ranveer Singh in a nude photo shoot incident on 29th August. According to the currently accessed information, the actor in his statement is who? claims to have tampered with and distorted one of the photos of the actor.”

Here are the tweets:

Ranveer’s statement was recorded by Mumbai Police on 29 August regarding the nudity and obscenity case filed against him. The actor was summoned to the police station after his Vedika Chaube, an activist and worker at his NGO, filed a complaint against him. Under Sections 292, 293, 509 of the Indian Penal Code and his IT Act, he is prohibited from using obscene books, selling goods to young people, using words, gestures or deeds intended to insult the modesty of women, and other was indicted on charges related to NGO and Chaube plea.

Ranveer’s photo went viral on social media and sparked controversy everywhere. While many activists and social his workers have accused the actor of encouraging lewd acts in public, several popular celebrities have come out in support of the “Ram Leela” actor. The photo shoot was done for New York based magazine Paper.

See the photo Ranveer shared here:

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