AEW And MMA Star Paige VanZant Gets The Big Guns Out In Jaw-Dropping New Photoshoot

AEW has been in turmoil in recent months as Tony Kahn seems to be feeling the pressure since he found himself competing with WWE to take over for Triple H in place of Vince McMahon.

Wrestlers disappearing from television for weeks or months at a time are a very frequent occurrence (usually with no explanation), and Paige Van Zandt, despite supposedly signing a contract with the company, has been on the scene for years. It hasn’t been seen on TV in a while. What’s especially strange about it is the fact that she made a very impressive in-ring debut in May. double or nothing PPV.

VanZant had heard he was training as a wrestler with Gangrel at his Coastal Championship wrestling training facility in Florida, but he said last month he hadn’t heard from her about continuing.

We don’t know if she’s quit wrestling, and if CM Punk’s comments are any indication, working with AEW might be enough to put someone off.

The eye-catching beauty continues to hype her OnlyFans account on social media, and has recently literally fired cannonballs to give fans an idea of ​​what to expect.

There’s no doubt that WWE will eventually call on VanZant, especially if she’s serious about becoming a professional wrestler.It’s hard to say why AEW dropped the ball with the talented former UFC star.

Fingers crossed, we’ll get some news soon, but for now, check out the latest photo dump below!

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