Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato (2023)

Alfa Romeo Giulia SWB Zagato

In 2021, as part of the 100th anniversary of the collaboration between Alfa Romeo and Zagato, which began with the TIPO G1 in 1921, the Milan Atelier has chosen to create a new model to commemorate this important anniversary.

The idea was to celebrate the current Alfa Romeo-produced Giulia and Stelvio with the legendary six-cylinder engine of the latest GTAm evolution with a two-door coupe Zagato body made of carbon fiber and a shortened wheelbase.

The project quickly attracted the interest of a German clientele, selected from among Zagato’s collectors. In his garage were many Alfa Romeos, including all the different models of Alfa Romeo’s recent era, in addition to his rare 8C Competizione. Gran Turismo Zagato As a fan of his model, he regularly drives an Alfa Romeo SZ (1990), but also the latest generation Aston his Martin Zagato.

Therefore, the project began with the Giulia Quadrifoglio manual, in which Zagato updated the content of the GTAm, in order to add even more uniqueness and the perfect DNA to carve this new chapter in the legendary history of the two Milanese companies. 6 speed mechanical gearbox.

As far as design goes, for Alfa Romeo’s 100th anniversary (1910-2010) Zagato chose the ‘TZ’ theme and created the TZ3 Corsa with the 8C engine – won the Villa d’Este – continued It was based on the TZ3 Stradale Chrysler Viper and was quickly named by the international press as the first American Alfa Romeo. The theme for this new two-of-his-anniversary was instead “SZ.”

The TZ and SZ boast two different design languages, but both incorporate the Zagato concept from Gran Turismo. The design of the prototype Giulia SWB (short wheelbase) Corsa is therefore a natural evolution of the Alfa Romeo SZ model, born in 1961 and starting with his Codatronca version that dominated the GT class from 1962 to his 1963. The recent SZ front end inspired the most recent Tonale front treatment.

Unlike the 1990 SZ, which was based on the Alfa Romeo 75 Evoluzione, which did not have a shortened wheelbase, this new prototype was developed in-house by Zagato from the Giorgio modular floorplan of the Giulia and Stelvio, hence the name ‘SWB’. I was. The overhangs and wheelbase have been optimized in line with Zagato’s sporting heritage.

The design process followed Zagato’s idea of ​​teamwork and was assisted from the beginning by Alejandro Mesonello (Head of Alfa Romeo Design) and his team. However, the conception, development and production of the car were carried out completely and independently by the Milan atelier without outside support. The Alfa Romeo badge on the car is purely for illustrative and promotional purposes and was chosen by Zagato to draw inspiration from the Alfa Romeo SZ.

After a photo shoot on the “La Pista” circuit in Arese, the car is officially handed over to the customer, completing an important year for Zagato and sealing a collaboration that has been granted for over 100 years. Rise to his over 150 models of highest collectible value.

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