Alicia Silverstone Says, ‘I’d Rather Go Naked,’ And Backs It Up

Alicia SilverstoneTV, film, or any form of public viewing, she now goes natural for reasons that are meaningful to her.

Cause? Silverstone is working with his PETA to encourage people to buy vegan leather instead of genuine leather. “If you need me naked to take care of animals,” she said.

PETA, which stands for “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,” creates ads with a similar purpose to many other celebrities, usually trying to persuade people to change their diet to vegan. Related to In this case, the cause is likely to be more universally appealing, leaving people wondering why genuine leather is necessary.

The organization turned the photo into an ad in Times Square today, showing a naked Silverstone covering all the right parts. Please buy Cactus, Mushroom, or Apple Leather instead.”

Today, PETA said on social media:

actress known for many film and television appearances, including the 1995 hit film ignorance, pointed out in a short video of the photo shoot: it’s not sustainable. Earth can’t handle it. ”

Given that Silverstone has published a vegan cookbook, it’s no surprise that it endorses PETA. kind meal She is candid about the benefits veganism has brought to her life. She explained that her dream is to “put earth-friendly vegan materials in the hands of the best designers.”

She added that the people who make the “fake” leather are making mushroom leather, pineapple leather and cactus leather, saying of the photo shoot, “That’s why I did this in the cactus field today. ’ he added.

Silverstone perfectly summed up her experience of posing nude by saying, “I’d rather be naked than wear an animal.”

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