Anna Sorokin, out on house arrest, poses from window and roof of new Manhattan apartment

Socialite swindler Anna Sorokin had a busy first day under house arrest, posing for several photo shoots from the windows and rooftop of her new East Village pad.

The fake German heiress, who has been deceiving New York’s elite for years, appeared in the window of her walk-up apartment on Saturday wearing her trademark thick-rimmed glasses and black sunglasses. smiled at the photographer who leaned out of the hooded sweater.

The 31-year-old is seen posing as a photographer standing on the fire escape of her building, where she was ordered to 24-hour house arrest with electronic surveillance after being released from prison earlier this week. was made.

She was also spotted strutting on the rooftop.

Sorokin, 31, smiled from the roof of his new bargain in Manhattan.
Kevin C. Downes

Sorokin, who had been partying in New York’s elite circles under the guise of a wealthy heiress named Anna Delby, spent the past 17 months in ICE custody while fighting deportation to the Orange County Correctional Department. released from the institution.

As part of her release, she has also been banned from all forms of social media. It is said that he got it.

Anna Sorokin leaning out the window
Sorokin, who was released from prison on Friday, poses for photographers from the window of his East Village apartment.
Kevin C. Downes

Sorokin headed straight to Manhattan as soon as he came out on Friday, getting acquainted with the new bargain where he plans his future endeavours, not just taking pictures.

“She’s relaxed and getting used to the rules. Hopefully it’s her new future,” Sorokin’s rep told the Post.

“She’s making phone calls, eating non-prison food, and planning immigration and appeals. [as] as well as her future entrepreneurial ventures,” the rep said.

In 2019, Sorokin was found guilty of eight counts, including grand theft and theft of services. She was also found guilty of attempted grand theft for trying to forge her $22 million bank loan for an arts club.

She served four years in prison and was released on February 11, 2021 for good behavior. Six weeks later, on March 25, 2021, she was picked up by U.S. Immigration and Customs agents and placed in Orange County Correctional Facility. .

According to legal experts, she plans to appeal both the criminal conviction and deportation, making a deportation case unlikely.

“I think it’s very unlikely that she will stay in this country. She’s essentially on her way to eventual removal from the United States.”

Tegony said he could avoid deportation if he won an appeal for original sin.

“If an appellate judge overturns the conviction, she will not result in deportation,” he said.

In an interview with The New York Times from her new apartment, Sorokin said she hopes to support herself with her art in the future and is considering other possible projects. He holds a solo exhibition titled “Allegedly” in NYC in May and sells his work through social media.

Anna Sorokin at the window
Fake German heiress Anna Sorokin posed from her new apartment in the East Village.
Kevin C. Downes
Anna Sorokin at the window
Scammers must wear electronic surveillance anklets while under house arrest.
Kevin C. Downes

“I didn’t figure out my entire life in two days. But I was able to do something with my life while I was in prison, so I think this makes it a little easier.

Sorokin is considering starting a podcast and writing a book. “It involves criminal justice reform that shines a light on other girls’ struggles,” she told The Times.

German citizens have been very critical of the U.S. immigration system from behind prison. He told the paper that it was.

Anna Sorokin on a Manhattan rooftop
Sorokin plans to appeal her conviction and deportation.
Kevin C. Downes

“I didn’t want it to end the way ICE wanted it to. It’s an affirmation of this perception of me as a person, and it’s not real,” she said.

“I could have left, but I decided not to because I’m trying to right what I’ve done. New York has a lot of history and I felt like I was running away from something if I was in Europe.” But what if prisons don’t prove people wrong?”

Sorokin told the newspaper that she was embracing a “new perspective” on her release from prison compared to her initial release in February 2021, before she was detained by ICE.

Other residents of Sorokin’s building didn’t seem bothered by the new neighbors.

“She wasn’t hateful or murderous. She wasn’t scary. I’m absolutely against white-collar crime. There’s something,” said landscape artist Abe Hill, 58.

Hill’s daughter Bee Hill, 17, told the Post: There were no problems. I thought it was cool anyway. “

Hill said, “I would ask her how she did it. I’m curious.”

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