Announcing the launch of “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN,” an NFT project in which the “Living National Treasures” worldly showcase the captivating legacy of the Japanese kogei in hopes to preserve the traditional cultures.

Photographer RK, who boasts Japan’s No. 1 NFT seller for a long time with “Foundation”, has produced works by three Japanese craft artists, including living national treasures, as NFT artworks!

Tokyo, January 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — CyberZ, Inc. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo; CEO: Takahiro Yamauchi) and Owen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya Ward) TokyoPresident: Takunori Fujii) is the second “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN” of the project “JINP (Japan Inspired NFT Portal)” that disseminates “Japanese culture” to the world based on traditional culture. launched. Craft works by three artists, including two Living National Treasures.

“JINP” is a project to disseminate various Japanese culture such as kanji, Japanese food, Japanese painting, kimono, etc. to the world with the concept of “four-character idioms” for each work.

In the first series of this project, 10 illustrators released NFT works “Juniniro” reflecting the traditional Japanese color “Washoku”, with a total of more than 16 items auctioned. ethereum (about 3 million yen).

The second installment “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN” will feature NFT artwork on the theme of Japanese crafts by the world-famous photographer “RK”.


[2nd “Oncotisine”]

Traditional Japanese crafts that have inherited the best techniques and expressions from generation to generation. The “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN” project is a Japanese term that means developing new ideas based on past research, leveraging NFT technology to extend the value of these fine crafts. It was launched with the aim of passing it on to the next generation around the world.

The crafts (makie, dyeing and weaving, Naoki) of three craft artists, including the “Living National Treasure”, will be exhibited as digital art. With the hope of cultivating the next generation of artists, the company advocates “craftsmanship,” and the ownership of NFT supports this movement.

Japanese street photographer RK serves as the creative director of the project.

RK is best known for his celebrity portraits such as: Takashi Murakami and cows. The townscape, architecture, and dynamism of nature are captured in a unique way, and have been featured in domestic and international media.

It holds the Japanese record for the number of NFTs sold on Foundation Marketplace. (Current January 2023)

The NFT art is a special “one of a kind” NFT that combines photographs taken by RK and Japanese crafts, and a “one of a kind” NFT created to maximize the beauty of the real thing using 3DCG technology. 3DNFT” will be sold. artwork. A total of 9 types are available for each NFT.

An image of the

An image of the “only one in the world” NFT titled “Aomatsu”

[RK’s comment]



I am very happy that my works that fuse my photography and Japanese crafts in 3D with cutting-edge NFT technology are widely recognized. This photo shoot was unique as I tried to bring out the best of both the craft and my photography. Please enjoy it.

[Comment from Kazumi Murose (Living National Treasure)]

Kazumi Murose

Kazumi Murose

By encapsulating 1000 years of craft history in NFT’s digital art, I feel like I’m stepping into a whole new world. Invisible yet proudly handed down technology is now being reborn into something no one could have imagined. We hope that by observing the similarities between traditional crafts and modern NFTs, it will be a great opportunity to discover a continuous and innovative world of crafts.

[Sales overview]

Release date: Scheduled to start selling from December 2019 March 2023

Official website:

[What is JINP (Japan Inspired NFT Portal)]

NFT transaction value will grow rapidly in 2021, with sales of digital art approaching the value of real art.

In light of this situation, we launched “JINP (Japan Inspired NFT Portal)” as a brand that attracts art lovers around the world. The project concept is “traditional Japanese culture × modern culture”, and we will remix history and modernity using blockchain technology and leave it for the future.

JINP will continue to develop NFTs similar to Japanese traditional culture x modern culture with four character compounds.


Japan’s Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties defines “intangible cultural properties” as performing arts, music, craft techniques, and other intangible cultural properties of high national historical or artistic value. Those who have mastered them to a high degree are certified as important intangible cultural property holders, Are known As a “living national treasure”.there are only 116 of them Japan.





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