Another big photoshoot project “Radhe Shyam” with renowned Kuchipudi exponent and guru and Kerala Sahitya Academy award winner Smt.Geetha Padmakumar

A dream come true moment for me..


My most anticipated photo shoot series with dancer and actress Navya Naia @navyanair143.

New Delhi (India), January 19: Manmai is none other than Radha, Lord Krishna’s house husband. She is the goddess of love, kindness, compassion and devotion. MANAMYI is a themed photo shoot with the famous actress and dancer Navya Nair.

A highly talented art photographer from Kerala, Sreenath Narayanan creates exquisite pixel stories of the performing arts with all tastes and fantasies.

I always loved the colorfully rendered epics, the fanciful costumes, the vividly painted faces, the subtle nuances, and the way the performers conveyed complex emotions. His lens then began to capture spotlight-stealing artists, their subtle emotions and expressions.

Although Sreenath did not technically study photography, he learned quickly when he started on his own. His Canon 6D has always chased the arena, framing fun art scenes with ease. Behind every of his photos there is a unique story to tell.

Journey to art photography

In the hustle and bustle of a busy photographer, Sreenath recalls his journey into art photography. He loves capturing the lively, complex expressions that shimmer on performers’ faces. That is the challenge of art photography. Three nuths have been added. The expression changes in an instant. It’s all about anticipating what your subject is going to do next and being ready to capture it.

I studied and grew up in Kottayam and Pala. At first, I liked Kathakali and dancing more than photography. Later on, I was reminded of a young photographer and wanted to frame art forms and expressions.

Photography – something I always admire!

I didn’t learn photography as I expected. I learned the basics by walking around with my camera. I used to go to a nearby studio every day. When I graduated and got a job in IT, I still dreamed of becoming a photographer. While chasing his dream, he joined a private company. It was around that time that I started photographing Kathakali. While rushing to the venue with his camera, he had no idea who he thought would model the idea, Sreenath says.

Most photographers focus on wildlife photography and news photography. But art photography is rare. When I started down the path of art photography, there were no pre-written rules that I followed. So I developed a unique style.

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