At 63, Jamie Lee Curtis Poses Nude In New Photo Shoot

  • Jamie Lee Curtis was naked and hidden behind a rock in an artistic photo shoot. new york times.

  • The 63-year-old actress takes walks with friends to stay active and considers sleep an integral part of her beauty routine.

  • Jamie Lee Curtis said he learned “courage,” “resilience,” and “loyalty” from her character. halloween ends It will be released for the first time this week.

Just before the final movie premiere Halloween series, Jamie Lee Curtis posed naked in a new photo of her hiding behind a rock.

The photo that appeared in new york timesshowcasing beautiful backgrounds that Curtis almost seems to blend in with.

you may not know about this freaky friday Although an actress, she is a big fan of photography and has even taken pictures of herself.

“Most people don’t know this, but I’m a photographer. It’s been my life. I’ve been collecting photos and supporting artists. I’ve been following Ryan Pfluger’s work for a long time. Beautiful portraits.” , incredible saturation of color and light, and honesty in his work,” she wrote in her Instagram caption. I am honored to have you!”

“Gorgeous,” one fan responded in the comments. “Thank you Jamie. 👏 Icons like you,” wrote another.

When it comes to her workout routine, Curtis loves taking long walks with her friends. “I walk with my girlfriend,” she said all right!magazine In 2021. She added that social exercise methods are “incredibly good for you.”

The 63-year-old actress also posed in a swimsuit and fishnet stockings. new york times photo shoot. She jumped in the pool and layered a long black blazer over her “fit.”

Curtis makes your skin care routine simple and easy.she said today .

Curtis uses “Sea Breeze and Nivea”. water and sleep Sea Breeze is that bitterness. “I’ve used it my whole life,” she said.

Curtis has been a television star for nearly 44 years, and it’s not his first time in the limelight. She’s also been candid about the aging process and adamant about not dyeing her gray hair. new york times.

Curtis recently said in an Instagram video that she was “accelerated to aging.” prevention“I want to grow old with intelligence, grace, dignity, vitality and energy.”

The actress has previously tried Botox and liposuction, but is now opting for a natural look instead of being a fan of cosmetic surgery. new york times report.

Curtis shared in a personal essay people that girlfriend Halloween The personality taught her many valuable traits that influenced her life and positive outlook. I’m trying to find a way to say goodbye to Laurie for giving me this.”

Catch Peacock, or head to the theaters on October 14 to see Jamie Lee Curtis in action. halloween ends.

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