Here Are All The Things You Can Do On Christmas Day in Austin

Not a fan of traditional Christmas Day activities? Perhaps you’re celebrating solo or not at all this year. Either way, we’ve come up with all the best things you can do on Christmas Day when most people are at home and out of the way.

Here’s Everything You Can Do for Christmas in Austin

Let’s drive to see the Christmas illuminations

This may be one of the best days to see the lights. You don’t have to fight crowds and you can take your favorite photos without anyone disturbing you.Recommended to check out This neighborhood in Round Rock!

Photo by Suzanne Cordiello.

Take photos at Austin’s most popular spots

Speaking of photography, why not take a photo at one of the city’s hot spots? There are no lines or time limits for the I Love You So Much mural. Take as long as you like to get the perfect shot.It is here Here are seven photo spots for your next Austin selfie. Also check out our guide The best murals in ATX.

drive to a nearby town

No more photos around Austin? What about one of the most quaint towns nearby?It is here some of our favorites You’ll feel like you’re in the middle of a Hallmark movie!

watch a movie

At the time, some of the biggest blockbusters were released in December.was talking Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015), Lord of the rings: Fellowship of the rings (2001), and titanic (1997), just to name a few. Watching movies at Christmas has become a tradition for many over the years. There may be plenty of home viewing options today, but nothing beats the theater experience. Here are some new movies released this year: Avatar: Path of Water, Cat in Boots: Last WishWhen Whitney Houston: I want to dance with someone.

go to hotel

If there’s one place to open, it’s a hotel. Besides, they are usually dressed up for the holidays. This season we visited The Driskill, Hotel Van Zandt, JW Marriott and The Lauren. At The Lauren, restaurant Nido offers the best views of the city.


go eat

Don’t you think everyone has a day off on Christmas Day? Think again!the aforementioned nid is open! it is Colline When laurelIf you want to relive that famous scene christmas story, some Asian restaurants are also open. Here is the full list of restaurants open on Christmas: Eater Austin.

Raise and spend time with pets

This might be our favorite suggestion. With some animal enclosures at local shelters exposed to the elements, many pets need foster homes more than ever.

Local shelters to contact regarding foster care are:

Photo courtesy of APA! on Instagram.

Missing Christmas? Many light displays will remain operational through early 2023. We have a huge list here!

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