Beauty is everyone’s business? How makeup is no longer just a woman’s thing

No more stereotypes. Makeup is no longer a woman’s prerogative, as it is becoming more and more common in men’s daily lives.

Popularized by celebrities and made available by several cosmetic brands, makeup for men, or even makeup for everyone, is no illusion. am.

Primers, foundations, concealers, mascaras, nail polishes and lipsticks are no longer exclusive to women and men are getting on board.

And given that men already wore makeup in ancient times, it’s probably not unusual. It has become a sanctuary for women who are in direct opposition to notions and prejudices.

But that wasn’t what I expected from the younger generation and their determination to break norms and shatter all kinds of rules and expectations.

As seen in recent years, beauty is gradually freed from these constraints.

Men, almost everywhere in the world, were the first to embrace skincare and pampered their skin in the same way women did.

In fact, just like women, men no longer have the option of not taking care of themselves. This phenomenon has now taken on more make-up, which is now seen as an art or a form of self-expression. beautification process.

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world famous influencer

On social networks, makeup for men has already gained a lot of followers, following many tutorials, inspirations and trends. The hashtag #makeupformen has now reached 120 million views and #boysinmakeup has achieved his 275 million views.

This strong interest has led to a surge in makeup influencers, sharing techniques and tips for men as well as women.

For example, Fabian of France turned make-up into a true art form, and James Charles was one of the first men to launch a make-up brand. Patrick Starr, on the other hand, is followed by millions on social media.

All of these various influencers have helped popularize makeup for men, like many celebrities who don’t hesitate to wear beauty products in both public and private outings.

Such stars include Harry Styles, Lil Nas X, Pete Davidson and Travis Barker, all of whom have contributed significantly to the popularity of eyeliner, mascara and especially men’s nail polish.

Fashion designer Olivier Rousteing and actor Channing Tatum could also join the list.

Most recently, French actor Pierre Niney shared snaps from a photo shoot. Citizen K A magazine with him posing in makeup.

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Men’s makeup is booming

Some of these celebrities have actually gone a step further by launching their own beauty brands.

For example, Harry Styles has a unisex cosmetics brand called Pleasing that includes skincare and makeup, Machine Gun Kelly has a nail polish brand called UN/DN LAQR, and Tyler, The Creator has a nail polish and fragrance called Golf. There is the Le Fleur line. .

And that’s just a handful of celebrity names that have helped make makeup more accessible and more mainstream for men.

However, other even more popular cosmetic brands now offer a number of men’s makeup products. makeup for, or more simply, makeup for everyone.

This is the case with MMUK, War Paint for Men, ALTR London, of course, and even Dior, which uses a classic makeup range to enhance the beauty of its male models on the runway.

Most if not all of these products need not be specifically targeted at men or women, but this is a real step forward in the cosmetics sector.

After all, beauty is everyone’s business. – AFP Relax News

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