Bella Hadid Shares Rare New Pic of Gigi’s Baby Khai at the Natural History Museum

On Saturday, Bella Hadid shared a fun photo dump that looks like she did this fall and winter. There was a photo of Baby Kai, an only child, mixed in. Gigi shares Kai with her ex Zayn Malik and rarely shares photos of her on social media — especially her face.

In the cute photo, Kai is kneeling in front of a grizzly bear exhibit that looks like the Natural History Museum next to New York City’s Central Park. Kai wears tie-dye pants and a tan cardigan, while Bella wears a long khaki coat, sneakers, and a baseball cap. She has her cloth mask partially hanging from her face and shows off her smile as she talks to her niece.

Bella had a photo shoot this week chaos The magazine wore high-pink curls styled by fashion legend Sam McKnight, a blonde look that closely resembled Marilyn Monroe.Image taken by photographer Nadia Lee Cohen Well, Bella is wonderful.

Despite her flawless appearance these days, Bella strives to share more of her inner life. trend In this April’s cover story, people’s expectations of her don’t match who she really is.

“When I meet people, they’re mostly like, ‘I didn’t think you’d be a good person, I didn’t think you’d be this vile, horrible dragon lady, or some kind of sexbot.’ I say,” she explained. “It’s not me. The more people understand who I am, the less I feel alone.”

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