Best Things to Do Sober in Austin: Sober Activities for Dry January

Are you working too hard on your days off? January to the rescue. Traditionally, Austin is all about drinking: sports games, rooftop pools, Tex-Mex dinners, and live music. Wherever we gather, there is alcohol. But just as there are more and more vegans living in the city, so are teetotalers. Leave the wine at home, gift that bottle of whiskey to your always-drunk neighbor, and get ready to experience the money-saving wonders of low-key fun this January. You love it so much that you might even quit drinking for the rest of the year.

"i love you so much" wall
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January in Austin means sunshine without a sweat. With that glorious, alcohol-free body, stock your IG, FB, Tik Tok, and Tinder profiles with fresh content to see through the (not-so-flattering) moon, celebrate more than a photoshoot about town Hike Mt. Bonnell, drag your sweetheart to a mural, look cute and have a barbecue. If you want to get serious, switch your iPhone to his Flytographer (i.e. rent her professional ATX pup like an influencer does).

person petting a dog
austin pet alive | | Photo credit: Austin Pets Alive

make a four-legged friend

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Many two-legged buddies pressure you to “just have one drink,” but when you’re with a furry friend who provides just as much (if not more) fun, that’s not the case. is not. Spend January volunteering with Austin Pets Alive!, taking care of dogs for friends, and spending time at an ethical Texas ranch. We love the Blue Hills, a sanctuary for animals primarily rescued from the hunting trade (such as one-horned deer and orphaned giraffes). You keep them safe while having fun.

peter pan mini golf
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play like you’re a big kid

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Remember when you were a tween and you used to routinely enjoy packets of salted chips, OJ and the Spice Girls? Peter Pan’s mini golf has been a family tradition since he’s been in 1948, but you don’t have to have kids to attend the party (we didn’t!). , ice cream can pretend to be everything, No All big slides. Or how about keeping it simple. Fly a kite at Zilker Park, host a board game party on the rooftop and bake a cake from scratch. The possibilities are endless and you can find so much joy in the little things.

Spilling tea over actual tea

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Have you ever wondered how the British kept their composure after hours of gossiping with gals? Because I drink at Bridgerton they do. In Austin, you can get all the latest from a large crowd without spitting a drop of vodka. Driskill’s long-running Afternoon Tea Service is booked months in advance and is the place to live Lady Whistledown life at its best. Brentwood Social House, on the other hand, offers a relaxing her three-tiered experience that will keep you catching up for hours. Don’t forget that Austin’s best coffee shops also offer specialty teas for casual drop-ins.

distracted by a live performance

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The best thing about musicals and plays is that no one can hit the bar like a concert. pretty woman When AladdinMeanwhile, the ZACH Theater attracts local talent with shows like; Cinderella Starting January 25th, the Fever’s Candlelight Concerts are always beautifully staged. Tip: Complain about the line at the bar during the break and offer candy to the company instead. Crisis averted.

Splash at a real drinking fountain

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Bring the watering hole back to its original meaning and take it to the lake. Austin is blessed with multiple choices and plenty of splashy fun. Lake Travis has the longest and fastest zipline ride in the state. The lake, which runs from Lake Travis to Lake Austin, is best enjoyed on a rental boat, such as his 12-passenger pedal boat cruise from Viator. There’s also Lady Bird Lake (technically a river) downtown, which you can explore by canoe or paddleboard. Got a car? Head to Austin’s premier swimming pool (if you can handle the cold). Everyone takes turns driving, so no detours to breweries are required.

Switch bar hopping for museum hopping

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Fun with friends doesn’t have to be nocturnal. Why not visit the museum during the day? Instead of drowning out your grief, you can catch up over a cup of coffee at the museum cafe. Start at the Texas State Capitol and pass by the LBJ Presidential Library, the Brock Texas State History Museum, and the Harry Ransom Center. Both are within walking distance of UT. If you’re downtown, why not make the Mexic-Arte Museum, The Jones Center and Museum of the Weird a trio of cultural trips, or drive to the Laguna Gloria Sculpture Park. Worried about drunk driving.

Waterloo Records Records
waterloo records | | Photo credit: Waterloo Records

go shopping with the money saved

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Drinking is an expensive thing, especially in Austin ($22 for a margarita at Aba? You’ll save a lot of money just by drinking great water for free. This is a big deal at a respectable small business in our city). While we’re big fans of Nina Belenato jewelry (Beyoncé and Angelina Jolie have been spotted wearing pieces from ATX designers), we visit Waterloo Records and Book People. With , you can spend hours and hours browsing and bonding with your best friends.

lake people
Lake Austin Spa Resort | | Photo credit: Lake Austin Spa Resort

Regularize Spa Days

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Drinking and health are closely related. Instead of dropping hundreds of dollars at bars and clubs, why not spend your money on a few indulgent treatments instead? Omni Barton Creek Resort and Spa, Miraval Austin and Lake Austin Spa Resorts all offer day passes Situated in beautiful rolling hills and lakefronts, it’s guaranteed to keep you drinking green juice.

no bar | | Photo credit: Sans Bar

Or go down the mocktail route at a human watering hole

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You don’t have to be noisy just because other people are making noise. Thankfully, Sans Bar has no temptations. The only completely non-alcoholic bar in Austin. Here you’ll find a wide selection of non-alcoholic beers and spirits, along with zero-proof cocktails. Sans is open every Friday, but if your mocktail night falls into one of his six other nights of the week, check out our mocktail guide for alternative options.

take part in group exercise

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Drinking with a friend makes me feel sluggish and bloated, but exercising with a friend makes me feel energized and toned. And who wouldn’t want that? From attending a free yoga workout class at Barry’s on 2nd, Seaholm’s Barre 3, or Fareground, to running the Ann and Roy Butler Hike and Bike Trail, Burton Until swimming in Springs (again, depending on the cold). tolerance) — you feel great, fully justify your post-event diet, and adopt cheaper and better habits. Neither were your abs.

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James Wong is a Libra, pretending to be vegan, watching wildlife clips, and booking plane tickets. He was born in London, lives in Tokyo and now lives in Austin. His greatest achievement was in 2016 he hugged Posh Spice.

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