bitchy | Prince William will host an ‘Earthshot Retreat’ for the winners he never met

The 2022 Earthshot Awards ceremony was held in Boston in December. Prince William invited celebrities such as Ellie Goulding and Rami Malek as presenters, and enjoyed spending time with the Kennedys and local Massachusetts politicians. People mostly overlooked the fact that Earthshot didn’t invite his Earthshot Prize finalists and winners to Boston. No, that part was “virtual”. No actual distribution of prizes took place directly. William wanted to meet celebrities in person, but of course, he never really wanted to interact with peasant environmentalists or scientists. So, funny story? Now he’s inviting all Earthshot winners to Windsor for his first-ever Earthshot retreat.

The Prince of Wales will meet the 2022 Earthshot Prize finalists as part of the first-ever Earthshot Prize Fellowship Retreat in Windsor.

Prince William, who created the Earthshot Awards in 2020 as a way to inspire people and businesses to come up with solutions to tackle climate change and other environmental challenges, named this year’s finalists at Windsor’s Cumberland Lodge. host.

The retreat brings together 15 finalists and 5 winners to meet industry innovators and solidify their projects and plans for nine months.

At the week-long summit, finalists will meet with Earthshot Prize Board Chair Christiana Figueres, former United Nations official, and Hindu Omarou Ibrahim, activist, geographer and Earthshot Prize Council member. Finalists will also be able to attend a forum in London to connect with select partners and funders to see how they can build their projects.

Announcing the event, the Earthshot Awards said: Markets, Finance, and Key Partnerships. All 15 finalists will participate in his nine-month program to build scale and impact through strategic support and ambitious collaboration with the Earthshot Awards Global Alliance of 48 companies, NGOs and philanthropists. can improve dramatically. ”

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Someone at KP reads Celebitchy, I swear to God. This is what I pointed out in his Dec. You never know where the next big idea, the next big collaboration, or the next big project will come from, so it’s important to bring these environmentalists, scientists, innovators, and investors together in the same room. . The point of Earthshot should be for William as a facilitator. Bring smart people and money people together in the same room and see what collaborations and insights happen. Instead, the Earthshot Awards are William’s pathetic vanity exercise, a chance to make him look powerful and important without actually doing anything. But he was too stupid. oh well!

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