Blake Lively Shows Off Baby Bump In a Sports Bra and Sweatpants

See a photo of her at the gym with longtime trainer Don Saladino.

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Blake Lively reminded her Instagram followers that she has a great sense of humor (and is dedicated to going to the gym).

The actress shared two side-by-side images of her and longtime trainer Don Saladino on her profile. He is posing with his arms on Saladino’s shoulders. For the second shot, the pair are standing in approximately the same position. only this time, gossip girl The alum is wearing sweatpants and her baby bump is on full display.

“I’ve been doing @donsaladino’s workout program for months,” Lively wrote in her caption. is expecting her fourth child with husband Ryan Reynolds. They have been married since 2012 and are parents to three girls named James, Inez and Betty.

Jokes aside, Lively has long worked with Saladino, a personal trainer known for celebrity clients, including Reynolds.focus on his training simple favors Saladino said the actress is all about consistency When!news February 2022. “She’s no different than anyone else you know. She’s a mother, right? She’s a human.”

He explained that their workouts often depend on how much sleep Lively gets and her energy level. There may be days when you stay awake and things happen that any normal mother would have to deal with, but Blake’s recent success is truly a result of her efforts to make time and do her best. I believe she can,” added Saladino. “Sometimes things get in her way, sometimes things pop up and she accepts it and moves on. That’s really it.”

While Lively seems dedicated to this pregnancy fitness routine, she points out a problematic trend in society that celebrates women who “snap back” to their pre-pregnancy bodies immediately after giving birth. “It’s so unfair,” she said on the morning show. sunrise australia Back in 2016 while promoting her movie Shallow watertaken a few months after giving birth to her daughter, James.


After an interviewer complimented her on her body, she took the opportunity to discuss the issue. “Just because you’ve performed the most incredible miracle of your life doesn’t mean you have to be ready for Victoria’s Secret right away. You gave birth to a human being! So hope it gets celebrated.” I really want to see it.”

Cheers to Lively for always keeping it real, whether it’s calling out “snapback” culture or sharing silly gym pics featuring her baby bump.

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