Brides Beyond Boundaries: Art Meets Fashion

Gloucestershire, UK 13th January 2023 – A provocative photoshoot showcasing Bowen Dryden’s wedding dress, held at an art gallery in Stow-on-the-Wold, challenges traditional perceptions of brides. Brides Beyond Boundaries brings together a partnership of creative talents to set bold and intricately crafted haute couture gowns against a striking contemporary art backdrop. It’s a series of scenarios that tear apart the rulebook of behavior we expect from our brides.

Conceived by ArtÓ gallery owner Antony Finn in collaboration with White Canvas bridal boutique owner Lee Griffin, this photography radically reframes the narrative of the role of the bride. Deliberately captured on camera as an individual, this project pigeonholes the bride within strict limits so that she can be liberated in self-expression and communicate lived experiences and personal desires. I will present it while ignoring outdated metaphors.

The ArtÓ gallery is already renowned for its juxtaposition and its compulsion to question preconceived notions. This unique space features carbon fiber sculptures by Alastair Gibson, photorealistic watercolors by Nur Ilham, prints by figurative painter Chris Guest and original bronzes by explorer Jenny Nijenhuis. There is an exciting set of conflicting artistic styles. All art exhibited at ArtÓ is ‘owned, not loaned’ and we support our artists financially in advance to allow them to continue their practice.

The spirit of the gallery is a natural link to the White Canvas Bridal Boutique, bringing a breath of fresh Cotswold air to fashion-forward brides. Just meters away from Alto in Stow-on-the-Wold brewery, this intimate oasis is home to a treasure trove of creations handpicked by passionate owner Lee Her Griffin. The exquisite Bowen Dryden dress chosen for the photo shoot epitomizes the white canvas with its emphasis on craftsmanship and originality.

Four different dresses were chosen for the photo shoot by vibrant model and up-and-coming artist Emily Elton, Leanne Richman with effortless skills in Cotswold wedding hair and makeup, and veteran brands Carlé and Moss brought to life by the skills of wedding photographer Nicky Kirk and the ArtÓ team. Provide creative direction. Each member of the team brought a sense of playfulness and dedication, but above all, an open-mindedness to the project, resulting in a vibrant atmosphere.

ArtÓ is no ordinary art gallery. Scandinavian minimalism, statement designs (such as the Stuart Padwick desk), and bold interiors stand out alongside a variety of contemporary artworks (and interesting collectibles and memorabilia in the ever-evolving ‘Curtain of Curiosities’) mashed up to Visitors to the gallery are always fascinated and amazed by the full-size orange phone booths, Banksy and his Christian Lacroix wallpaper, and eye-catching neon lights. ArtÓ is the exact opposite of the formula.

Brides Beyond Boundaries takes full advantage of the gallery environment’s potential, contrasting artwork and accessories with the glamorous Bowen Dryden to explore the fundamentals that brides should not be constrained by unconscious prejudices or social norms. emphasizing beliefs. By laying bare and raw emotion, the project completely subverts the premise, presents a profession that defies stereotypes, and demonstrates a complete refusal to follow the convention of putting brides in golden cages. .

“This photo shoot is the culmination of a vision where art meets fashion, both enhanced by the pairing,” explains Anthony Finn. “Everything collided on paper, but in reality it shined.” A visit, a poignant conversation with Lee Griffin that makes my brain quiver, Ana de Armas’ portrayal of Paloma in No. Time To Die never underestimates someone simply because they wear a dress. It proves that it should not be evaluated.”

“Being able to throw tradition out the window for photography without limits was an exciting prospect and an extension of our alternative approach at White Canvas,” says Lee Griffin. “Gowns are an essential part of the bride and we always aim to ensure that the dress reflects individuality, whatever it is. Bowen Chosen for Bride Beyond Boundaries Every Dryden dress is so individual that it reflects its core spirit.”

The ArtÓ team sourced high-end accessories and props to complement the gowns. The photo shoot included a Boucheron white gold and diamond ava round ring, Mr. A x Bamford London watch, Reigns London slippers, H. Upmann Annejados cigar, French Trench Art World War I lighter, Veuve Clicquot champagne, Murano glass champagne flutes, Gucci sunglasses and Moscot glasses. , Agent Provocateur underwear, Christian Louboutin and Candice Cooper footwear, Walther PPK 007 replica pistol, Hasbro “Black Series” Obi-Wan lightsaber, Darth Vader helmet, Beaufort London Coeur de Noir candles, enigmatic It is an extension of the fragrance.

“It was of the utmost importance that Bride Beyond Boundaries delights not only in the finer details, but also in the broader aesthetic,” enthuses Anthony Finn. “All products used in the photo shoot have been consciously selected for their quality, artistry and brand history. It also provided visual stimuli to deepen conversations about defining femininity, and brought cultural relevance to help focus the lens.”

The Brides Beyond Boundaries photoshoot also tells a behind-the-scenes story of teamwork and mutual support. After gallery owner Antony Finn’s successful evangelization of innovative concepts and artistic investment from a wide range of professionals, he decided to apply his skills with discreet yet influential confidence. Crackforce gathered. When faced with tight deadlines and overcoming last-minute setbacks, the team worked with natural synergy, respect, enthusiasm, and, at times, uncontrollable laughter.

Bowen Dryden dress features:
1. Kiss From A Rose
2. Forget Me Not
3. Flowers in the Mist
4. Blush Fizz

ArtÓ’s work has been featured:
1. Carbon Waves, Carbon Fiber Wall Relief – Alastair Gibson
2. Carbon Humboldt, Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Sculpture – Alastair Gibson
3. God Save The Africa Queen, carbon fiber, bismuth, titanium, PEEK, rare F1 parts
Sculpture – Alastair Gibson
4. Grapes From The Moon, Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Sculpture – Alastair Gibson
5. Zeta Puppis, Limited Edition Print – Alastair Gibson
6. Racing Piranha, Limited Edition Print – Alastair Gibson
7. Baby Piranhas, Limited Edition Carbon Fiber Sculpture – Alastair Gibson
8. Taylor, Original Watercolor – Nur Ilham
9. Bond, original watercolor – Nur Ilham
10. Camden Rock, original acrylic on canvas – Colin Brown
11.Coffee With A View, original acrylic on canvas – Colin Brown
13. Theatrophone, limited edition poster – Jules Cheret
14. Body Of Lines, original acrylic on canvas – Suki Nabarro
15. A Girl’s Best Friend, original acrylic on canvas – Suki Nabarro
16. Pink (Neon) City, Hand Decorative Print – Candy Canvas – Just Jane
17. Frida, Decorative Print – Rock Salt Print
18. Kate, Decorative Print – Rock Salt Print
19. Audrey Bubblegum, Decorative Print – Rock Salt Print
20. Diversity, original acrylic on board – Sylvia O’Neill
21. Falling Sparrow, Limited Edition Hand Embellished Print – Todd White
22. Star Wars Reimagined Lithograph Print – Law & Co
23. 1993 Jigsaw Mannequin, Aluminum and Steel Sculpture – Nigel Coates
24. Sugar Skull, Open Edition Print – Chris Guest
25. Extreme Is On, Hardcover Book – Chris Guest

• ArtÓ @artostow – sets, artwork and props
• Antony Finn and Emma Bovill, ArtÓ @artostow – creative direction and project
• Lee Griffin, White Canvas – Bowen Dryden Wedding Dress
• Emily Elton – model
• Leanne Lishman, Cotswold Wedding Hair & Makeup @cotswoldweddinghairandmakeup –
hair makeup
• Nikki Kirk, Carlé & Moss @carleandmoss – photography and creative sophistication
• Emma Bovill, SaltBaked @besaltbaked – Communications and PR

With thanks:
• Bowen Dryden @bowendryden – wedding dress
• Bamford Wellness Spa @daylesfordfarm – Manicure
• Allium Florist @alliumflorist_ – Bridal Bouquets
• Beetroot Boutique @beetrootstow – Christian Louboutin Boots
• Stow Opticians @stowopticians – Mosco Glasses

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