Brittany Mahomes Looks Like a Goddess During This Sneak Peek of Her Maternity Photoshoot

Brittany Mahomes gave everyone a sneak peek at her upcoming maternity photo shoot and stopped everyone in their tracks. Let’s keep

On Oct. 28, Mahomes gave fans a sneak peek at her next (and presumably insanely gorgeous) maternity shot via a Boomerang video on Instagram Stories. In the first snapshot, a sheer, draped white curtain hangs around the scene, and you can even see her smoke her machine.

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But everyone is missing it in the next Mahomes boomerang, ethereal scene. tagged.

Brittany Mahomes IG story.

Brittany Mahomes IG story.

In the eye-popping snapshot, Mahomes is seen showing off her naked baby bump and miles-long legs as she poses for a heavenly scene. Wearing a white sports bra and negligee, her curly hair is up in a bun. Truly, she looks like a goddess and we can’t wait to see the finished result.

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A few days ago, Mahomes uploaded a series of photos of her showing off baby bumps and elaborate landscapes for the long-awaited arrival of her and Patrick Mahomes’ son. We are all set 🥹🤍”, uploaded a photo with the caption. See photos here.

The Mahomes have been together since high school and married in a lavish wedding ceremony in Hawaii on March 12, 2022. They share one daughter named Sterling Skye and are always expecting a boy!

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