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Brittany Mahomes27, looked gorgeous in her latest set of pregnancy photos. Patrick Mahomes Posing in a new maternity photo shoot that showed off her growing baby bump, they came out perfect. and had her long blonde hair pulled up with several curly strands hanging down.

All of the photos featured her from the side, and she glowed in the dim lighting. The beauty, who is expecting her second child with Patrick, also shared a memorable caption. As women, we are powerful,” she wrote, along with a white heart emoji.

Brittany Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes
Brittany and Patrick during their last outing. (mega)

Once Brittany posted some eye-catching photos, it didn’t take long for her followers to applaud them. “These are so beautiful!” exclaimed one follower, while another simply but effectively wrote, “Wow!” A third called her photoshoot “in love with her” and a quarter called her “pearly girly”, referring to her sheer cover pearls. did.

Brittany’s latest post came after she and Patrick made headlines for sweet kisses in front of him kansas city chiefs‘ NFL game against Tennessee Titans November 6th. They shared a smooch while on the sidelines, and she shared a photo of the moment with the caption, “Pre-match smooch.” Showing off their close bond and strong marriage that began in March 2022. It helped me to

Brittany Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes
Lovers hold hands while out and about. (Pichichipix/SplashNews)

Brittany and Patrick’s PDA’s aren’t the only ones in the spotlight.Adorable family including daughter sterling, 1 often makes fans faint and share their joy every time a photo of the three of them is released to the public. Their upcoming joy bundle, announced in May, will also get a lot of attention from supporters. I shared a photo of my baby shower.

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