Brittany Mahomes Shares Adorable Photos of Daughter Sterling Lifting Weights with Dad Patrick

Brittany Mahomes shows how Sterling ‘looks at her daddy’ and follows his workouts with small weights

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

Sterling Sky has her sights set on keeping up with her father.

On Wednesday, Brittany Mahomes shared a photo of the 23-month-old watching and imitating her father, Patrick Mahomes, at the gym. and followed his lead, one in each hand.

“If there’s one thing she wants to do, it’s watch her daddy,” the new mom of two wrote, tagging her husband.

The following picture shows a toddler looking from the front, with a large white ribbon tied in her hair, one weight in each hand, and looking at a distant object.

Sterling can be seen standing in front of a chair and playing with what appears to be a timer.

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Brittany Mahomes shows how Sterling 'looks at her daddy' and follows his workouts with small weights

Brittany Mahomes shows how Sterling ‘looks at her daddy’ and follows his workouts with small weights

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

Sterling has been doing big sister duties ever since the couple welcomed eight-week-old son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon.

Alongside a carousel of photos featuring the pair posing for a family maternity photo shoot, Brittany, 27, wrote a sweet note about her daughter in the caption.

“I get a little emotional when I think about how blessed I am today and how proud I am of this little angel.” , was the best little helper!!”

She continued, “I felt like so many people were trying to get into my head this negative idea of ​​how much they hated that she wasn’t an only child. It upset me. started.

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Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

“If you’re a new mom, or going to be a mom of multiple kids, know that everyone’s story is different, so don’t let other people’s ideas get your way!” concluded. “It’s your family and your own journey. Good luck to all, stay positive and enjoy every moment of it 🙏🏼🤍”

Brittany has enjoyed dressing her siblings in matching outfits throughout the season, as seen in her Instagram story on Sunday, with the pair donning Kansas City Chiefs gear ahead of the team’s latest playoff victory. I supported my father.

Kansas City Current co-owner Sterling wore a red sweatsuit with “Daddy 15” written across the front. Her new-born sister wore red and gold ribbons in her hair.

“My heart ❤️🤍,” she captioned the post, later sharing more snaps to her Instagram story.

One of her additional posts showed her son Bronze wearing a miniature version of Sterling’s outfit.

“Bab looked good too 🥹❤️,” she captioned the sweet photo, but it cut off before the baby’s face showed up.

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