Brittany Mahomes Shares Bronze’s Game Day Outfit as Sterling Practices Throwing ‘Like Her Dada’

Brittany Mahomes baby clothes.

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

Brittany Mahomes is celebrating Soccer Sunday with her little crew.

The newly minted mother of two and current co-owner of Kansas City, the 27-year-old, is ready to cheer on her father, quarterback Patrick Mahomes, in an Instagram Story Sunday. We shared adorable pictures of our children.

Brittany first showed off her newborn son’s Bronze game day outfit. This included the No. 15 football, the number of the Kansas City Chiefs star. Patrick’s face was also printed on the pants that his two-week-old Patrick was wearing.

She then shared her daughter’s Sterling Sky look. This included a long-sleeved shirt with a chief splint and hair that was half up and half down and tied in a red ribbon.As she ate treats from a plastic bag in her lap, The toddler cutely waved her arms around.

“Show me how her dada throws,” Brittany wrote, tagging Patrick in a sweet moment.

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Brittany Mahomes baby clothes.

Brittany Mahomes baby clothes.

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

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speaking on drive Last week on The Order’s 610 Sports Radio (Kansas City), Patrick, 27, shared an update on how Sterling is adjusting to new additions to the family.

“She wants to hold him and care for him,” said the father of two.

“She wants to play all day long, so we have to tell her to be gentle, and not to throw him like a toy baby,” he said. “That’s the real baby you were there,” he added with a laugh.

Last week, my personal trainer complimented my daughter on being a great big sister. Alongside a small carousel of Sterling photos from her family’s recent maternity photoshoot, Brittany wrote a sweet note about her daughter in the caption.

Thanksgiving with Brittany and Patrick Mahomes

Thanksgiving with Brittany and Patrick Mahomes

jesse salter photo mahomes family

“I get a little emotional when I think about how blessed I am today and how proud I am of this little angel.” , was the best little helper!!”

She continued, “I felt like so many people were trying to get into my head this negative idea of ​​how much they hated that she wasn’t an only child. It upset me. started.

“If you’re a new mom, or going to be a mom of multiple kids, know that everyone’s story is different, so don’t let other people’s ideas get your way!” concluded. “It’s your family and your own journey. Good luck to all, stay positive and enjoy every moment of it 🙏🏼🤍.”

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