Brittany Mahomes Shares Snap of Daughter Sterling Fawning Over Brother Bronze in Christmas Pajamas Brittany Mahomes/Instagram; ATLANTA, GA – FEBRUARY 2: Patrick Mahomes II (L) and Brittany Matthews attend The Fairmont’s Maxim Big Game Experience on February 2, 2019 in Atlanta, GA To do. (Photo by Joe Skarnici/Getty Images for Maxim)

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram; Maxim’s Joe Skarnich/Getty

Sterling Sky loves her life as an older sister.

On Friday, Brittany Mahomes shared a sweet photo of her two little ones on her Instagram story.

In the photo, newborn son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon rocks a Christmas onesie, and Sterling, also in a festive outfit, leans over for a closer look. She tagged her husband, Patrick Mahomes.

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Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

speaking on drive After welcoming son Patrick, Sterling, 27, shared an update on how he’s adjusting to the new additions to his family on 610 Sports Radio (Kansas City) in Odasee.

“She wants to hug him and take care of him,” the proud father of two said.

“She wants to play all day long, so we have to tell her to be gentle, and not to throw him like a toy baby,” he said. “That’s the real baby you were there,” he added with a laugh.

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Brittany Mahomes, Patrick, Sterling and Santa

Brittany Mahomes, Patrick, Sterling and Santa

Brittany Mahomes/Instagram

Alongside a small carousel of photos of Sterling shared earlier this month from the family’s maternity photoshoot, Brittany, 27, wrote a sweet note about her daughter in the caption.

“I get a little emotional when I think about how blessed I am today and how proud I am of this little angel.” , was the best little helper!!”

She continued, “I felt like so many people were trying to get into my head this negative idea of ​​how much they hated that she wasn’t an only child. It upset me. started.

“If you’re a new mom, or going to be a mom of multiple kids, know that everyone’s story is different, so don’t let other people’s ideas get your way!” concluded. “It’s your family and your own journey. Good luck to all, stay positive and enjoy every moment of it 🙏🏼🤍.”

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