BTS’ J-Hope flirts with danger for his new photoshoot, ARMY says he ‘owns the arson-fire concept’

BTS J-Hope (real name Jung Hoseok)) established last year that he’s more than just a beaming dimple and a smile. With his album Jack in the Box, ARMY saw a new side of J-Hope. So he embraced his darker, rawer side. J-Hope delved further into this new side of his personality as part of BTS’s ‘Me, Myself and I’ photoshoot. In a new video, the rapper and choreographer talks about letting go of his “colorful” personality, promising to embrace something far more dangerous.

J-Hope said to the camera, “It’s a pleasure to try something new and see what happens. I wanted to ditch the colorful street vibe.” In this video, J-Hope explores different ideas, trying out “dangerous” items and figuring out how to “blow things up.” is shown. He also seems keen on the idea of ​​purple hair. In the next segment of the video, he tries on an all-black suit with a hat and chain.

Fans are also in awe, wondering what J-Hope has in mind for the full photo shoot.Some said, “I want to blow up this rock,” or “Let’s use this dangerous machine.” Another recalled how the remaining BTS members jumped to their seats after seeing J-Hope’s photofolio.The concept of is always so fresh!!!! concept King! !

Others noted that J-Hope’s style is not just his bubbly disposition, writing: Diverse, people only associate him with one core and personality, as shown how different his styles are.

Each BTS member has a special photofolio with a unique concept. So far, Jungkook, Jimin, Jin, V, and RM have released photofolios showing different sides of their respective personalities and showing them in a new light.

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