Cardi B Complains About Grocery Prices “Tripling Up” Amidst Inflation And Demands Politicians Lower The Cost Of Food

In August 2020, Hollywood socialite and rapper Cardi B sat down for a virtual conversation with Elle Magazine’s Joe Biden. They talked about the death of George Floyd. coronavirus The pandemic, and the importance of parenting for working mothers. Biden brings up fairness and ‘treating people with respect’, Cardi B claim Black people don’t want sympathy or charity, they just want equality.The conversation was praised by nearly every mainstream media outlet, but many daily American It made me wonder why a raunchy rapper whose biggest hit was about female genitalia was given the chance to sit with a woman. president Discuss serious issues. The whole thing felt forced and uncomfortable. Fast forward two years or more and appear Like Cardi B, she’s not at all happy with how Biden’s presidency has gone, but she can’t seem to admit it to herself.

Cardi B complains that grocery prices have ‘tripled’ and wonders how middle-class Americans live

In an interview with Biden, Cardi B said her mother has enough money to pay for basic living expenses for her children, but as a mother supporting her own children, Cardi B has recently In a video shared on Twitter, she enthusiastically complained about the high cost of food these days.

“When I complain about the price of groceries, people say, ‘Aren’t you rich? Why are you complaining about lettuce? Why are you complaining about this?’ It shows me that when you do, when you have money, you’re going bankrupt soon because you guys haven’t budgeted. When…food seems to have tripled.I want to see with my own eyes what the money is being spent on.”

“Everything is tripled when you go to the supermarket,” she continued. “Lettuce was $2 a few months ago and now it’s $7. Of course, I have something to say. People inside are thinking like shit. So yes I’m going to say something. I want you to fuck me. Calm down.”

One thing Cardi B is right about is that middle-class Americans and people of lower socioeconomic status actually struggle to put food on the table right now, but she does get there. seems to be struggling with The cost of basic groceries such as lettuce, meat, eggs and milk has risen dramatically since last year due to what is called inflation, which is directly related to the current administration’s spending policies.

Cardi B said in 2020 that she got up early to vote in person for Biden. This is what she was proud of. “I feel good after I vote and I feel like I did something,” she said. She voted for a president who would plunge the American economy further and make lettuce cost three times as much as hers. Many of her Twitter users have pointed to the fact that Cardi B is very close, but very far away. She sees the collapse of progressive policies, but connects the dots: while middle-class Americans fight for food security, the responsibility of sending billions of dollars in foreign aid around the world can’t seem to admit that it’s her favorite politician who’s at the children’s table.

“Stop voting for politicians who only care about getting $$$,” conservative comedian Hodge Twins responded to her video. , showed how easily people can lean toward Democratic Party policies.

After running a very strong campaign for Biden and backing various progressive politicians who enabled the collapse of the economy, Cardi B looks back and says her groceries are more expensive than they were a few years ago. complaining.

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