Cat’s Reaction to Having a ‘Ghost Photoshoot’ Is Downright Hilarious

This cat ended before Halloween even started.

Nothing is more fun than people dressing adorable cats and dogs in Halloween costumes. Seeing how creative and funny some of the costumes are is one of the best parts of spooky season.

One of the cutest trends on social media is ghost photography trends People keep making with their dogs. Look made with cats. Watch this video posted by @Louisandmelo and try not to laugh.

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I love how you can tell this cat doesn’t have it, even though you can barely see its face under the sheets. @Kyleean agrees with the “LMAO HIS FACIAL EXPRESSION!” post. “I’m done with this human!” @Imnotprettyposts, and yeah, this cat doesn’t seem to sit still for ghost pictures. @Shawnanewell278 agrees to add, “It looks like the cat is plotting your murder.”

smile! we love him! If you don’t like wearing costumes, not really put on your costume Next time mom should get to the point and dress this cute cat up like the Grinch?

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