Celeb news for the week of Jan. 16

Britney Spears changes name to River Red

The 41-year-old “Toxic” singer made the announcement on Thursday (19.01.23) in a rambling post on Instagram, showing a video of her wearing a bright red miniskirt and matching bandeau emblazoned with Coca-Cola motifs. included. She danced to the song “Attention” by Omar Ray and Justin Bieber.

She also changed the name of her Instagram self-introduction to River Red and used the post to address reports of her having a “manic meltdown” at a restaurant in Los Angeles last week. They are worried about her state of mind.

She told fans: “I went to Aunt Susie’s house. We made 3 pies at the service this Sunday!!! Men like cherries, women I hear you like bananas!!!

“In any case…the news that I am tipsy and exploiting my past in the news is a clever way to make me look like a woman who is allowed to say AWWW if we look!!!

“My neighborhood friends say I’ll pay for it for the rest of my life!!! Sorry dear friends, but if you’ve ever tasted my pie…

“I think my ignorant way of trusting these trustees may be to nowhere else to look… . Not for ice bowls or to show relevance, but actual church services and blind setups.” My A**.

“Psss another edit RED!!!!”

Along with posting the photo, she then added:

“I see through it all… liquid, wet… playful, mass!!! Renamed to River Red!!! Still, the fire is where it lights is… dive into it and not fear at all to stare!!!!

“Shhh, now I have to find a fork!!!”

Britney raised her finger in a recent Instagram clip after reportedly going into a “mania” at a restaurant and seeing husband Sam Asghari run wild.

She took to the platform hours after the news broke on January 14, posting a video of her in a white dress dancing to the Divinyls’ “I Touch Myself” soundtrack, saying, I pulled the heart sign with my hand before flipping over.” Camera.

Many of her fans interpreted the footage as her reaction to a story about a ruckus in a restaurant.

Her husband, 28-year-old Sam Asghari, also posted a message on Instagram last week.

TMZ reported on Jan. 13 that witnesses said Britney was “manic” and talking gibberish at Joey’s Restaurant in Woodland Hills, Calif.

She was reportedly distraught because the singer was being recorded by a fellow customer at the time.

Britney, who was recently released from a 13-year guardianship, was reportedly diagnosed with bipolar disorder, but says she was placed in a mental health facility against her will and forced to take medication.

She admitted in November that she wasn’t fully “attended” during her wedding to Sam, but he’s not a fan of his wife’s constant topless photos she posts on social media. said.

Britney’s mental health and family issues have also affected her relationship with her sons Sean, 17, and Jaden, 16.

They live with their father, Kevin Federline, 44, and he said last year that the singer’s constant posting of racy snaps on social media is a way of expressing herself.

Kevin also claimed last August that the boys hadn’t seen their mother in months.

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