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Renowned Shoe Designer Gianvito Rossi Discusses Expansion in the Middle East, Favorite Shoes and Commitment to Sustainability

Dubai: In September 2022, Kim Kardashian posted a story on her Instagram showcasing 17 pairs of Gianvitro Rossi pumps in all colors. Elsewhere, Kate Middleton was seen wearing the luxury footwear label’s classic Gianvito 105 her pumps at multiple official engagements, and Queen Rania is also a fan.

Founded in 2006 by Gianvito Rossi, son of famed shoe designer Sergio Rossi, the label has become a staple in celebrity closets. (attached)

Founded in 2006 by Gianvito Rossi, son of renowned shoe designer Sergio Rossi, the label has become a celebrity closet staple for royalty and A-listers worldwide.

The designer’s eponymous label close to home will open its first flagship store in the UAE in early 2022, followed by a second flagship store in Qatar’s Place Vendôme.

The brand has had a presence in the Middle East with partners such as Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales, but as Arab News discovered in a chat with the designer, opening a flagship store speaks to its popularity in the region. I’m here.

“I think we have reached a point where we can shift our focus to developing new stores. The Middle East is definitely a great opportunity for us,” said Rossi.

Saudi Arabia is next. The kingdom will soon have his first Gianvito Rossi flagship store. Designers are very excited. “We saw a high demand for the brand in the region and felt it was time to present the full range of collections.The region is facing a bright business moment and we have great business partners. The combination of these factors made it a natural fit.”

The region is a key region and in 2019 Rossi created an exclusive capsule collection for the Middle East. “I am always intrigued by the idea of ​​creating something special for our most important partner, and I am inspired by the idea of ​​doing it for clients in the Middle East,” he says. explained.

Rossi grew up surrounded by shoes and credits his father with teaching him the tools of the trade. “I consider myself very lucky to have had the opportunity to learn all about the process from him. That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned from him,” he added.

His father opened the factory in 1951, which is now home to the Rossi brand. After working with his father for 25 years, Rossi decided to go independent. Even though he holds degrees in sociology and political science, Rossi knew from an early age that he was destined to make shoes. For him, it’s a form of self-expression.

His wife and two children also play an important role in the company, making the brand a quintessential Italian family business. Since the brand’s inception, Rossi has created a cult following with his shoes. That’s because of his comfy high heels and the label’s sleek silhouettes. “To reach perfection requires continuous research and scrutiny. I often say, ‘The true luxury of a shoe lies in the joy of wearing it,'” said Rossi.

One of his most coveted designs, the Plexi Pump has been worn by celebrities like Amal Clooney and Meghan Markle. “We are proud to be the first brand to turn the use of Plexi into a personal trademark for luxury footwear. I will show you for a long time.”

His other favorite models include the Portofino sandal, with its modern, minimalist aesthetic, and the perfectly proportioned 105 stiletto pump. Most of the brand’s shoes often feature restraint, but its latest line, Jaipur, adds a little bit of a big gem to each shoe created by expert artisans. I explained that this was the first time I messed with .

“The Jaipur family is a style delineated by striking gemstones, a standout element inspired by the trip I planned in Jaipur, India. I imagined the treasures, colors and traditions of this wonderful country that it is especially known for,” he said.

Rossi kept the stones the same color as the shoes to maintain the brand’s signature look.

In 2022, Rossi teamed up with French clean beauty brand La Bouche Rouge to create a limited-edition capsule collection of refillable lipstick cases made from upcycled leather from the shoemaker’s production process. . The partnership also speaks to Rossi’s sustainability initiatives.

Besides dedicated remanufacturing services aimed at refurbishing old shoes and giving them new life, the brand is continuously working to reduce its CO2 emissions. “As a company, we took our first steps towards sustainability a few years ago by applying the concept of a circular economy while reducing our CO2 impact by 60%. We are also working to reduce and upcycle our emissions, aiming to achieve zero emissions across our supply chain by 2025.”

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