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Created: Jan 25, 2023 07:59

Don’t reward your fitness progress with a Netflix binge, says Betty Doyling.

I am sure many of you are entering a healthy fourth week of 2023.

Maybe you enjoy consistent exercise, maybe you ran your first 5k. Maybe you’re celebrating “his dry January,” or learning a new healthy way to eat.

Reaching your fitness goals is great. Great! Now is the time to be proud of your success and want to reward yourself with something special.

make it in time for the end of january should do it be rewarded. In fact, I think it’s great to celebrate the days when it was hard to get into a workout, but I overcame it.

So what does your celebration look like? Do you binge-watch Netflix all day full of nachos and chocolate cake, then enjoy his amazing four-course meal and late-night drinks?Nope!

Indulging once in a while won’t stop you from progressing, but if you keep pampering yourself with sweet treats, your hard-earned gains can be ruined. How do you reward yourself for achieving your goals without ruining your progress?

Here are some helpful ideas.


The biggest reward for me is new workout gear. Nothing promotes a workout like feeling comfortable and fresh in new gear. If you have enough activewear, you can get a new gym bag or foam roller to help you recover from your workout.

new cookware

Nothing beats fresh kitchen pans and bakeware. It will increase your motivation to make healthy food.

learn how to do something new

Try learning something new. Need some ideas? how about the bridge? sewing? Backgammon? photograph? tennis?

take a spa day

Drink cucumber and apple water, enjoy the sea view, and relax your muscles with a massage. Or perhaps a manipedi. Whatever treatment you choose, just relax…you are earning every minute!

get houseplants

Research the types of plants you’re interested in and buy green ones. Plants improve air quality and do wonders for the aesthetics of your room!

buy a new water bottle

Hydration is essential even in winter. Get a new water bottle. I like wide mouth bottles because I don’t have to wash the spout or straw. Make sure it is insulated so that it can hold cold or hot liquids.

schedule a photo shoot

Bermuda has great photographers. Take your time and document your progress with professional photos. You can also choose the theme, style and venue. Enjoy it.

Take “Me” Time

Take time to read a new book, clean out your closet, or watch a movie. You can watch it at home or in the theater. Choose something that will motivate you and be exciting, something that will get you up and action-packed, something that will make you laugh and be hilarious, something that will help you relax after a hard day’s work. Sit back and enjoy!

Enjoy your success and B-Active For Life!

Betty Doyling is a certified fitness trainer and figure skater with over 10 years of experience. Look for B. ActiveForLife on Facebook

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