Christie Brinkley is the picture of glamour in candid winter photoshoot

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Christie Brinkley It was a vision Wednesday when she shared a selection of great photos from her candid winter photoshoot.

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In a series of snaps, model, 68, You can see her enjoying the mountains of bright yellow leaves while rocking a glamorous ensemble consisting of a navy blue jacket featuring oversized lapels and gold buttons. look.

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In the post’s caption, she wrote: Day! “

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In a snap videoed by the star, the blonde beauty can be seen happily throwing leaves into the air, glowing from ear to ear.

The model shared a great update on Instagram

Christie wore the perfect lockdown and styled it in soft waves, perfectly complementing her cozy outfit. I chose

The star delighted fans last week Different, more poignant photos This showed her back to “entertaining the military” in the early ’80s in a heartfelt post shared on Veterans Day, which is celebrated as a federal holiday in the United States.

In the photo, the star was dressed as a cheerleader, wearing an ultra-short white miniskirt and a string vest in bright blue hues.

Christie looks beautiful

Next to the post, he wrote, “Missing the military with @bobhopeuso. It was a huge honor to be able to meet and thank the military from Kosovo to #Annapolis, and this early 80’s. “Non sibi sed patriae” – “Country not Self” Thank you!! ️”

Friends and fans flocked to comment on the incredible update. The second wrote: “Wow, this beautiful photo feels great.” The third added, “Always radiating positive energy.”

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