Christmas: Four crafty home-made gift ideas for under £30

The art of gift-giving is not just about budgets. No one will deny that finding a new smartphone or new car keys under the tree at Christmas is fun, but the idea is what matters. A small, handmade gift made with the recipient in mind is always appreciated. With the ongoing cost of living crisis, clever gifts are a great way to stay on budget. holiday season.

Here are four handmade gift ideas you can make for under £30.

Personalized Guess Who!

Guess Who is one of the most popular board games in the world. The official version is great fun, especially for youngsters, but the personalized version of this game brings even more laughter with tiles made up of various friends’ photo prints. A family in different costumes. Dressing up photos can be as fun as playing the game itself!

All you need to create a personalized version of the game is a costume box to dress up for a photo shoot. Then when the photo comes back from the printer (the smaller the photo print the better – ideally he is between 2 by 2 inches). and 4×4 inches), just attach it to her MDF board using a few hinges and it’s game ready.

Magnetic Wooden “Polaroid” Gift Set

Everyone loves to have their favorite pictures on their refrigerator. Creating a wooden Polaroid-style frame allows you to crop photos of various sizes to get the perfect image for display. Buy wooden polaroid frames online. To turn them into magnets, just buy some disc magnets, glue them to the back, and you’re ready to paint and decorate. Then simply choose the best photo prints to tell the best stories of family, friendship, or adventure.

infused olive oil

Foodie gifts are always popular around Christmas time and infused olive oil is easy to make and makes a great present. Popular combinations include lemon and thyme, chili oil, and herb-infused oils, but you’re only limited by your own imagination as to which flavor combinations you want to add.

Whatever flavors you plan to add, make sure you’re following best practices to ensure the oil is safe to consume, and always start with good quality extra virgin olive oil. Then simply pick a few Instagram-worthy jars and bottles and add your own label.

homemade hot sauce

Hot sauces are easier to make than infused oils because the acids in the mixture help prevent the spread of bacteria. The hardest hurdle is keeping them from getting too hot! Be careful to choose chili peppers of the right spiciness (Scoville rating) for the person you are gifting them to. Some may like hot sauces made with ghost peppers or Carolina Reapers, but most people are happy with jalapeno levels of heat (4,000 to 8,500 SHU).

You can use different colored peppers (green, yellow, red) or add other ingredients to make different colored hot sauces. Yellow mango hot sauce is always particularly popular as a gift because you can enjoy both the bright yellow color and the sweet and sour flavor of the mango itself.

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