Christmas Gift Ideas 2022: Great For Whether You Are Naughty Or Nice

Image by Bob Dmyt from Pixabay

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Planning an annual Christmas gift campaign can be a daunting task. Check out our suggested list of Christmas gift ideas for 2022, depending on how many presents you need and your budget.

Christmas gift ideas for 2022

for children

lego set

christmas gift ideas
Image: Lego

Who doesn’t like LEGO? A hit with both kids and adults, LEGO sets are a crowd pleaser. Lego Holiday Main Street looks like a festive atmosphere! Think bustling shopping streets decorated with Christmas trees, trolleys, snow-covered shops, letters to Santa and more.

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Shokuiku plate

Singapore-based startup A Lil’Love has launched My Story Plate, a food exploration plate for young children. Made from eco-friendly materials and designed to provide a positive eating experience for weaning toddlers up to 6 years old.

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for a functional existence

stylish keyboard

Christmas gift ideas 2022 for functional beings
Image: Logitech Keyboard

Whether your receiver is a gamer, digital worker, or keyboard warrior, how about a sleek keyboard that delivers quality performance? Logitech’s Aurora collection is designed for gender-neutral fun. , will appeal to gamers looking for a playful design and curated experience. Soft aesthetics that pleases everyone!

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for plant parents

gifts for plant parents
Image: Uncommon Goods

We all have a plant parent within us. Their love for leaves is shared by many! How about a plant parent sweatshirt, magnetic sunglasses, googly eyes, or a beautiful monstera-themed trellis to add personality to your plants? If you prefer something more functional, this adorable self-watering plant The system will please plant dads.

For those who love Christmas

fresh christmas decorations

gift ideas for people who love christmas
Image: Shop Glatz

Who wouldn’t want to recreate a wintertime Christmas in Singapore? You can definitely do that by getting the freshest Christmas decorations from Shopgrats. Get a super adorable little fir tree or a fresh wreath scented with oranges and spices.

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For game lovers

card & board games

Family Review: Copying Card Game

Support locals and buy games made in Singapore! We are Potato Pirates, Kopi Kings and local flavored games that help families bond, laugh (and cry) while having fun love.

to the bookworm

e-reader and books

Kobo Clara 2E review: compact e-reader made from recycled plastic

We love nifty e-readers that come preloaded with tons of books and, of course, indulge in late-night reading. The KOBO Clara is a great choice and has been tried and tested here.

Gift the love of reading to those who love books, the smell of books, the feel of books, especially young readers. Titles such as Good Night Marion and Tiger Tales: Most True Animal Stories from Old Singapore make great Christmas gifts.

family friendly

family photography package

GIVE A FAMILY PHOTO PACKAGE – Photos are great keepsakes and are perfect for greeting cards and wall decorations. Gift certificates are available from Tomato Photo Studio, known for its lighthearted, professionally shot photos.

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peer fishing lesson

Perhaps you want to gift a memorable experience combined with life skills. Teaching fish may be one of them. Gift Peer Fishing Lessons by Pure Hybridz – A great family bonding idea.

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To friends who came from afar

Best Kombucha in Singapore

Get Physicles with Physicle Kombucha from Singapore! The gift set includes a 12-pack of surprises (we recommend number one and immunity) and a kombucha starter kit.

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Singapore themed cards, advent calendars and lifestyle products

ginger lily art
Image: Ginger Lily Art

Gift Singapore-themed cards, advent calendars and beautiful lifestyle products from Ginger Lily Art. We love Peranakan Shophouse illustrations, art prints and Singapore themed beeswax wraps that make unique gifts.

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for charity

Easy donations to 23 charities

Help the cause with 20 Gifting Machines in 6 locations. You can choose to donate to 23 charities including SPCA, SCWO and more. The EndowUs initiative also allows you to sponsor meals for children, the elderly and even rescue dogs. This is one of the innovative ways to give a gift and make a difference.

Learn more about.

Charity e-store

Shop for Christmas or pay in advance at Charity's online store

Looking for gifts for the upcoming holiday season? Or would you like to find a way to prepay for it? Visit the new Sharity e-store in the Community Chest for useful and meaningful lifestyle gifts. You can also gift forward in the eStore. Find out more about the Sharity eStore.

For wine lovers

wine bottle stopper

This stainless steel leak-proof wine bottle keeps your wine fresh. Perfect for those who like to experiment with different red and white bottles. The reviews are highly rated, and it seems to be appreciated as a gift!

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for pet or paw rental

Furry friends don’t miss out on Christmas fun! For both dogs and cats, gift your dog with tooth chews or immune-boosting kefir. Gifts will wag tongues and tails!

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